Cebuanos are commonly known for their love of escapades and out of town vacations. Hence, the overwhelming heat cannot stop the Sugbuanon laagan spirit!

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The Bukidnon Region

Photo by Formosa Doll

Bukidnon is known for its progressive agriculture-based economy since it is a major producer of rice, corn, sugar, coffee, rubber, pineapple, tomato, flowers, cassava, vegetables, chicken, hogs and cattle due to the region’s strategic location on the wide plateau of Central Mindanao. However, the region is also known for its beautiful tourist attractions which consists of lush green forests, rolling hills and spectacular sceneries. One of such attractions is the Overview Nature and Culture Park located in Quezon, Bukidnon.

The Beauty of Overview Nature and Culture Park Quezon Bukidnon

Photo by Formosa Doll

The park is a public attraction that is managed and maintained by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH). It is apparently located in Kipolot, Quezon, Bukidnon. The park boasts not only the lush green view of the Bukidnon plains and fields, but also the sculptures of the indigenous peoples living in the area, namely: 

  • Matigsalugs – people along the Salug River 
  • Bukidnons – people from the lowlands
  • Tigwahanuns – people along the Tigwa river 
  • Umayamnuns – the inhabitants along the Umayam river amidst the Pantaran mountains
  • Talaandigs – people from Talakag, Songco, Kibangay and Basak 
  • Higaonons – people who come from Agusan), and the 
  • Manobos – people whose spread has been noted to be great in Kalilangan, Pangantucan, Kitaotao, Kibawe, Kadingilan, Don Carlos and Quezon

The sculptures are apparently arranged in a montage in different parts of the park.

Photo by Formosa Doll



  • Entrance Fee – NO ENTRANCE FEE!


  • Operating Hours: 24 hrs daily (the hours might differ depending on national holidays)


Exact Location: J43X+384, Davao – Buda National Hwy, Quezon, Bukidnon/Kipolot, Palapacao, Quezon, Bukidnon

  • By Commute: From Davao City/Cagayan de Oro City, ride a bus and request the conductor or driver to drop you off by the Overview.  
  • By Car: Navigate via Waze or Google Maps and pin the location “The Overview Park”. The park is relatively easy to find since there are sign boards along the way leading you to the place. 

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