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Shark attacks are rare in the Philippines. Although there are sharks in the waters around the country, most of them are not dangerous to people. The types of sharks commonly found in the Philippines include reef sharks, whale sharks and thresher sharks.

Let’s explore these sharks and how to stay safe while enjoying the ocean:

Reef Sharks

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Reef sharks, such as the blacktip and whitetip reef sharks, are often seen around coral reefs. These sharks are generally not aggressive toward humans. They are curious but usually keep their distance. For example, many divers in the Philippines enjoy seeing reef sharks at places like Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park without any problems.

Whale Sharks

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Whale sharks are the largest fish in the sea, but they are gentle giants. These sharks feed on plankton and are not a threat to humans. Donsol in the Philippines is famous for its whale shark interactions. Many people safely swim and snorkel with whale sharks every year.

Thresher Sharks

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Thresher sharks have long tails and are usually found in deeper waters. Malapascua Island is known for thresher shark sightings, especially for divers. These sharks are not known to be dangerous to humans and are admired for their unique appearance.


In Texas, there was a recent shark attack where two people were injured last July 4. They were taken to the hospital and one of them had severe bites. While shark attacks are rare in the Philippines, it’s always good to be cautious. Here are tips to stay safe!!

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Avoid Swimming at Dawn or Dusk

Sharks are more active during these times. It’s best to swim when the sun is high, as this reduces the chance of encountering a shark.

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Stay in Groups

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Sharks are less likely to approach groups of people. Swimming or snorkeling with others can make you feel safer

Don’t Wear Shiny Jewelry

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Shiny objects can attract sharks because they look like fish scales. It’s a good idea to leave your jewelry on the beach.

Avoid Murky Water

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Sharks find it harder to see in murky water and might mistake you for prey. Clear water is safer for swimming and snorkeling.

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The Philippines is a beautiful place with amazing marine life. While sharks are present, most are not dangerous. Whether you’re diving with reef sharks, swimming with whale sharks, or spotting thresher sharks, the experience can be safe and unforgettable.

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