When talking about coffee shops, the first image that comes to mind are modern-style minimalist cafes such as Starbucks but one wouldn’t think of an isolated nipa hut in the middle of nowhere.

Alimyon Kapehan takes it as a challenge to defy the expectations of a coffee shop by setting up their shop on top of a hill in the sleepy town of Janay-Janay in Negros Oriental. This unique coffee shop highlights the quaint beauty of Negros Oriental complimented by the view of Tañon Strait and the Cebu Island with its open dining space and bamboo structures.

Photo by Kim and Anne

Alimyon is a word that translates to “aroma” or “fragrance” – referring to the pleasant scent of coffee filling the probinsya air. Alimyon Kapehan is the most idyllic spot to drink early morning coffee due to the relaxing rustic vibe and peaceful atmosphere that can’t be found anywhere else.

The tables are set to face the verdant scenery surrounding the coffee shop plus its high elevation gives it a picturesque 180-degree view of the land and sea. 

Aside from coffee, they also serve chocolate drinks that are perfect for the kids and kids-at-heart. Hefty meals and other local delicacies are also part of their menu so guests have something to pair with their delightful drinks. Guests not only experience Negros through the beautiful sceneries but through their palatable dishes as well.

Photo by John Daimen Sornillo
Photo by Erwin Sayon
Photo by Kim and Anne
Photo by Kim and Anne

As of writing, Alimyon Kapehan is slowly expanding by building more open-space dining areas to accommodate the increasing number of people visiting the place.



Other Information:


Exact location: Janay-Janay, San Jose, Negros Oriental, Visayas – 20 minutes from Dumaguete City and on the way to Twin Lakes

BY BUS/JEEPNEY: From Dumaguete City, ride a bus/jeepney bound for or passing Sibulan. Tell the driver to drop you off at the corner going to Twin Lakes. From there, hire a habal-habal driver to take you to Alimyon Kapehan for less than P200 round-trip.

BY CAR: Take the National Highway to Sibulan. As you’re nearing San Jose town, there will be a left turn with a sign for the Twin Lakes. Take the turn and ask the locals for directions to “Alimyon Kapehan”.

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