“Wala nay c*ke.” “Wala nay p*psi.”

These are words and phrases that we can now often hear and didn’t even believe at first when all the stores were saying it. Like how? There have always been sodas everywhere and anywhere available for us.

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But the shortage has been felt in the Philippines most especially in the VisMin areas.

Now, there are a lot of speculations out there like the companies withholding the supplies and pricing might go up and many more.

So, we think it’s time to have an explanation about it and we asked the people from the manufacturing industry and industrial consumers themselves.

Here are the two main reasons for the lack of soda products in VisMin.

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Lack of Sugar Supply

Sugar syrup is a main ingredient to our favorite soda drinks so for this to be absent is a big no. The lack of sugar supply applies for the whole country. The Sugar Regulatory Administration (SRA) said the shortage is due to several factors such as:

  • ongoing Russia-Ukraine war
  • effects of Typhoon Odette on local sugarcane plantations
  • delayed arrival of imported sugar (sugar importations are not yet approved by the PH government as of this writing)
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The SRA now stresses that sugar supply will last only until August this year if a concrete solution is not made.

Lack of CO2 Supply

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Carbon Dioxide gas or CO2, if you are not aware, is the one that gives that kick that you want in your soda drinks. It’s what make them a soda.

The production of sodas did stop for a while in VisMin and maybe some manufacturing plants are still not operating due to some problems being fixed in their usual suppliers. Some have found other suppliers so this shortage problem might be more manageable than sugar.

Speaking of carbonated drinks. Luckily for beer lovers, beers will not be in shortage in Vismin as they have their own CO2 production.

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Anyhow, ingredient shortages are increasing in the Philippines which threaten our food security and we can all agree to have seen and felt it in our everyday life, recently.

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  1. I never thought that it would come to this. Who could live in a world without Coke?

  2. Jun Anasco

    Do you really wanna live in this world without coca cola….say my name…haisenburg

  3. For weeks now there has been a shortage of Coke. Started with the small bottles. Then the cans ran out.
    At the same time there was a scarcity of Minute Maid Juice (also manufactured by Coke!) Now its all gone. We heard it’s because of the typhoon damage at the Mandaue plant. Whatever the reason, with local manufacturing, stop blaming the ‘war’ or the ‘pandemic’ for the inefficiencies here. The typhoon was over 8 months ago!

  4. Nicolette Po

    I can’t live my life without Coke every after meal. 😔

  5. Roy Labis

    Diesel have overtaken gasoline in terms of price per liter which was a surprise at first. And now this sugar shortage. Expect more surprises to come! Regardless, let’s continue to support local products.

    • Olga Abobo

      Diabetes effect nyan, demolition job yan ng mga oligarch na sya ding smugglers, pang sira kay pbbm yan,
      ganyan din ginawa nila kay FEM, malapit ng makulong mga yan, nbi lng gumalaw nyan tapos maligayang araw nila to think na si sec doj si remulla.

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  7. Lera Bontia

    Loslos! Marketing strategy ni ba..nganu naay shortage sa coke zero kung ang problem is sugar?

  8. Marycel Lucas Zaldivar

    Mabuti yan wala ng mgkaDiabetic

  9. Okey lang na maubid Ang supply Ng coke huwag lang tubig na oalaging iniinom natin😊