We have all been advised to start and learn to live with it (COVID-19).

In order for our economy to strive and for our lives to get on track again, certain adjustments were made and the “new normal” is being established.

With all aspects in life adapting, land travel being one of the most important isn’t getting left behind. The ‘new normal’ of land travel has started rolling out with features that ensure our safety and comforts.

The new bus arrangement features:

  • Social Distancing
  • No face mask, no ride policy
  • 3-row set-up 
  • Each passenger’s chair installed with Acrylic Plastic Partition for safer and still comfortable ride

The Vallacar Transit Inc. (Ceres Liner) in Bacolod City presents the New Normal Bus Seating Arrangement. These photos were taken by Jez Mar.

The bus shown is a prototype model, each Yanson Group of Bus Companies (YGBC) branch will provide this type of seat layout 1 bus per model (non AC and AC buses).

Watch the process below:

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