Davao City isn’t just famous for being the largest city in the Philippines and for its well-known Durian fruit but also, it is a home to highland resorts where you can escape from the busy reality of the city life.

Tucked in the remote highlands of Marilog District is a place for relaxation away from the hustles and bustles of the progressive Davao City – the Gethsemane Garden.

Gethsemane Garden Resort is a perfect place for everyone to relax and be at peace with oneself and nature.  This is also a place where you can have retreats with your group. Here, you can meditate and pray. If you want a meaningful family bonding, take your family here.

There is no internet connection and phone signal is rare hence, a good time to appreciate the company of whoever you will bring here.

You can stay overnight and experience blankets of fog embracing the place. There’s also a media and videoke room where you and your friends can have fun after hours of dipping in its cool swimming pools.

It has thick vegetation of flora and well-sculpted gardens together with orchards of fruit-bearing trees, flowering bushes and canopies of pine trees.

On your way home, if time permits, you can also visit nearby tourist spots in Marilog District such as Alice Log House, Bemwa Farm, Buda Vista Vacation House, Hills View and a lot more.



  • Entrance fee: P150 per head
  • Day use: 8AM – 4PM


  • Guest House: P10000/night good for 12-15 persons
  • Log House: P8000/night good for 10-12 persons
  • Bamboo House: P2500/night good for 2-4 persons
  • Bahay Kubo: P2000/night good for 2-3 persons



Exact location: Datu Salumay, Marilog, Davao City, Mindanao

Go to Davao City first by taking direct flights to Davao City International Airport (Francisco Bangoy International Airport). From the airport, you can take taxi (P150-300 fare) or a jeepney (P20-50) to get to Davao Overland Ecoland Terminal where you can ride a bus going to Marilog District.  

Take a bus heading to Cagayan/Bukdnon. Tell the bus conductor to drop you off the iconic eagle statue in BuDa. Bus fare is around P80 and almost an hour travel time. From there, the only available mode of transpo to Gethsemane Garden Resort is a habal-habal. Fare is around P80-100.

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