Beauty is never lost in Negros Oriental.

Some are projected in plain sight; others are tucked in the countryside and there are those that enchant guests with magnificent views of either the sea or the beautiful landscapes. Others just have all of that.

Grandview Cottages Resort in Siaton is a comfortable accommodation in the southern parts of Negros Oriental that takes pride in its stunning landscape and amazing view of the sea.

Guests can fill their hearts with delight as they loiter around the wide green lawn brimming with life and lushness. It is fully ornamented with a garden of colorful flowering plants. If lucky enough, you can also see them in their full blossoms.

The resort is situated on an elevated ground. It spans a land area of approximately 6000 square meters with specific areas where animals such as lizards and colorful singing birds live. These birds also build their nests in their gardens.

The view of the sea is equally calming. Its high elevation makes a good viewing deck for those who want to witness the vastness of the sea and the horizons. From afar, you’ll see the famous Apo Island.

Beating the heat of the sun isn’t a problem here since you are provided with two options: Soak and refresh your mind in their swimming pool that has an overlooking seascape view or frolic on the sand and dive into the depths of the sea that is just right in front of the resort.

Their room accommodations are native-inspired and come with a seating area where you can relax. They also have private balcony and en suite bathroom. If hungry, you can grab a hearty meal at their mini restaurant that offers delicious dishes.

For day use, you can bring your favorite food as the place doesn’t charge any corkage fee. It surely is a perfect place for a relaxing getaway with the people closest to your hearts.



  • Entrance fee: P100/person (free drink and swimming pool use)
  • Opening hours: 9 AM – 5 PM


  • Big: P500 (good for 15 pax)
  • Medium: P400


  • Bungalow: P1,500 (w/ breakfast, good for 2)
  • Bungalow with Seaview: P1,500 (w/ breakfast, good for 2)
  • Family Bungalow: P2,000 (w/o breakfast, good for 4)



Exact location: Upper Andulay, Brgy. Siit, Siaton, Negros Oriental, Visayas – an hour drive from Dumaguete City.

BY BUS: From Dumaguete City Bus Terminal, ride a bus heading to Siaton. Ask the driver to drop you off at ‘crossing Antulang’. From there, take a habal-habal (fare: P100) on your way to Grandview Cottages Resort.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Grandview Cottages Resort” in Siaton, Negros Oriental. Parking space is available.

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