Bikes have become a staple ever since quarantine. Because of the suspension of the public transportation, people have invested on bikes, for good health as well. While this has become a massive trend, the ‘Philippines’ Wakanda’ has shown the whole country how bikers are given importance.

Iloilo City has been developing plans to mitigate climate change while beautifying the city. Hence, one of these projects is allowing their residents to bike through a beautiful garden with the ‘green streetscapes’ in the city.

Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas announced their plans for a “Green Tunnel” project, leading the country’s bike-friendly factor. They are planning to add more plants to their cityscape for a picturesque biking experience.

Along the Diversion Road, the first “Green Tunnel” of about 4.5 to 6 meters long covered with vines will be built over the bike lane. Much more than that, there will also be 32 waiting sheds fully adorned with plans along the bays.

“I tasked our City Engineer’s Office to develop a plan for sustainable development in different areas of the city,” wrote the mayor online. “In the absence of trees, [these Green Tunnels] will help soften out concrete roads as a climate change mitigation or adaptation measure.”

Three designs have been submitted by the City Engineer’s Office so far. “We are still finalizing the plan to see which is applicable for the city so we could be able to meet our needs regarding social, environmental and economic challenges,” added the mayor.

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