Wear local in a high-fashion way.

Bomberong, as what Ilonggo designer Jor-el Espina calls it, is a unique bomber jacket inspired by traditional piña-woven barongs. The piece is created with the help of Ilonggo weavers making it more local.

“It all started when I wanted to wear something Filipino but in a non-traditional way. I attended a Filipiniana event in a bomberong, and there, the bomberong was born,”

said Jorel about how he came about the design.

Bomberong is inspired by the weaves and embroideries found in the closet of his old friends. You can score this classic piece in his atelier or order through his Instagram page too.

If you think this bomber jacket is enough, wait till you see his next Panay Bukidnon tribe embroidery inspired piece.

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