By placing some provinces and cities under General Community Quarantine (GCQ), most businesses, including public vehicle operators, are already preparing for their comeback.

One concrete example is this jeepney posted by Gi Net on Facebook. This post has shown the creativity of Filipinos amid this crisis.

The jeepney is seen to have taken social distancing up a notch by also putting ‘plastic covers’ as walls. This way, you could avoid contact with the other passengers.

According to the FB post, this jeepney is from San Vicente, Camarines Norte with the caption: “Ready for the GCQ”.

The question that lies within is, are we really ready to be placed under GCQ?

Regardless of this crisis, we should all rise above our fears. We have to think of ways on how we could save not only ourselves, but also our fellows. Let us not cause our community harm, let us help them.

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