Since the scare of the COVID-19 doesn’t seem to leave us anytime soon, living with protective gears would still be a staple.

To protect ourselves and the people around us, we have to get used to wearing masks, and even PPEs, for our frontliners.

However, more than ensuring everyone’s safety, if we may, let us also help some local brands by buying from them.

1. Rags2Riches

Selling neoprene face masks with a pouch and three filters, these face masks are made by local artisans.


  • Maroon
  • Navy Blue
  • Gray
  • Black


  • Face Mask – P495
  • Mask Filters (bundle of 5) – P75

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2. ANTHILL Fabric Gallery

Taking pride in producing the country’s very own weaves, their face masks are also made from the aforementioned and they come with two washable filters.

Zero Waste Collection:

  • Full Weave Masks
  • Colour Block Masks
  • Pleated Masks
  • Makulay Masks


  • 1 mask – P350
  • 3 pcs – P999
  • Makulay Masks (set of 4) – P1499

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Featuring geometric frills, the masks still have a native touch with some reverences for the ethnic groups. NIñOFRANCO openly collaborates with different local artists and brands alike hence a diversity in its offerings.

  • Php 499 for 1pc
  • Php 899 for 2pcs
  • Php 1149 for 3pcs
  • Php 1500 for 4pcs

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4. Nina Inabel

Embodying the weaving community of the Ilocos region, Nina Inabel made reversible masks with the insides made out of PPE material. However, they are limited so, they’re only available until supplies last.

Price: P800 per piece

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5. Rafikimono

Tailoring masks to fit in the new normal, these Rafikimasks feature a collection of easy-to-wear silky face masks with tieback straps.

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6. Plains & Prints

Featuring stylish face masks, Plains & Prints also comes selling PPEs for those in need too.


  • Brown
  • Black
  • Fatigue
  • Navy Blue
  • Maroon


  • Mini-Me Mask Sets (1 adult & 1 child mask) – P598
  • Pamana Mask Set (3 pcs) – P698
  • Raf Around Coat PPE – P2298
  • Hat and Multipurpose Outerwear – P1398

Where to order?

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