Popular for the its numerous caves (around 400 in total), the town of Mabinay in Negros Oriental has another popular tourist attraction that is perfect for those who want to feel refreshed. Mabinay Spring offers a rejuvenating experience that is sure to help cool you down, but at a very affordable price!

Mabinay Spring is a very popular spot among locals especially on scorching hot summer days. The spring serves as the natural source of potable water for the residents, and at the same time, a place where families and friends can gather and spend quality time together. This natural swimming pool not only boasts of cold waters, but its immense size also allows tourists to do some kayaking too.

Photo by Hanzel Biñas Libradilla
Photo by Hanzel Biñas Libradilla
Photo by Hanzel Biñas Libradilla

There are several smaller tiers of the spring, so you can have some water massage as the water flows down from one tier to another. The water level tends to be shallower on summer, but according to the locals, Mabinay Spring has never dried up or ran out of water even on extremely hot months.

One thing that also makes Mabinay Spring unique is that it is surrounded by a lot of towering old trees. It’s basically a secluded natural pool at the heart of a mini forest, seemingly hidden from view. The numerous trees add shade to the place and may also be explored for some FB-worthy photos.

Photo by John Hille

For those who are planning to visit, there are cottages nearby and rooms for overnight use. They also have a function hall that can be used for bigger events or groups.


Day use:

  • Entrance fee: P10 (adults); P5 (children)
  • Swimming fee: P75 (adults); P50 (children)

Cottage fees:

  • Open cottages: P250-P300 per day
  • 1 plastic table and 4 chairs: P150 per day

Room rates:

  • Cabana cottage: P1,200 (good for 2 persons; additional P150 per extra occupant)
  • Family room: P1,700 (good for 4 persons)
  • Twin room: P1,200 (good for 2 persons)

Other information:

  • Kayaking: P50 per hour
  • Zipline: P100 per person
  • No corkage fee. There are designated cooking areas.
  • Contact number: 0917-576-6702


Exact location: Mabinay, Negros Oriental, Visayas (located near the Mabinay’s bus terminal)

By bus: From Dumaguete City, head on to their bus terminal and ride a bus bound for Mabinay (87 kilometers away from Dumaguete). But if you are from Bacolod City, you can ride a bus bound for Dumaguete or Bayawan via Mabinay. Fare is around P220-250 pesos and travel time is around 3 hours.

Upon arrival at Mabinay’s terminal, you can ride a tricycle to Mabinay Spring (5 minutes travel time) or you can just walk and ask for directions from the locals. The spring is located quite close to the town’s terminal and it has a signage visible at the highway.  

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