A secluded spring in the town of Taft, Eastern Samar is slowly unraveling to tourists and is now becoming one of the most visited spots in the said town.

Malihi-aw Cold Spring is located in Barangay Malinao, and is the newest attraction especially for locals and tourists alike who want to take a dip in cold and clear spring water. Malihi-aw is accessible through a 2-4-minute bangka ride from the national road.

The spring is connected to the much wider Taft river and the longest river in Samar – the Ulot River. The water is so clear that you get to see the river bed below, hence, the name Malihi-aw (a Waraynon word that translates to “clear”). The place is not yet highly commercialized, so you get to enjoy the probinsya feels of swimming in a spring, surrounded by large trees making a canopy over the waters.

The area is surrounded by wooden cottages, tall trees, and cogon grass, making the probinsya experience more authentic. There are shallow areas (usually near the cottages) for children while it gets deeper as you swim further away.

Some of the cottages nearby are partially submerged in the waters, so you can just jump into the waters or if you want a more thrilling experience, you can climb one of the trees and then jump off from there! You can also do overnight camping but they have no rooms available, yet. The best time to visit Malihi-aw is on a high tide so you can really enjoy swimming around.

Since their opening just this year, Malihi-aw Cold Spring has attracted a lot of attention already. In fact, some time around July, their cottages have already been reserved and fully booked for a month ahead! That’s why it is highly recommended that reserve first through their FB page before going to Malihi-aw.



  • Entrance fee: P10 (adults), P5 (children)


  • Day use
    • P200 (maximum of 7 persons)
    • P250 (8-11 persons)
  • Overnight use
    • P500 (maximum of 10 persons)
  • Note: Additional P30 per extra guest
  • You can also book the whole area for P3,000 (max of 35 persons) to P5,000 (max of 60 persons)



Exact location: Adel’s Farm, Barangay Malinao, Taft, Eastern Samar, Visayas

By van: If you are coming from Tacloban City, ride a van bound for the town of Oras, Eastern Samar at Grand Tours Terminal. Fare is around P160-P200 and travel time is 3-3.5 hours. Instruct the driver that you are going to get off at Barangay Malinao, Taft. Once you’re in Malinao, you can find a small docking area near the Acas Bridge. You can also ask the locals where you can ride a boat bound for Malihi-aw. The boat ride is FREE and will only take 2 to 5 minutes at most.

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