Take note of how every Filipino of every ethnicity came to help amid COVID-19.

From donating food packs to sewing face masks, we have seen how Filipinos practice camaraderie. The silverlining of all these is how we have shown the whole world what Filipinos are all about. Our Bayanihan spirit is felt from the beginning, hoping until the end.

One good example is how our local designers have also contributed Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) after knowing about its scarcity.

From Teletubbies to Money Heist inspired PPEs, we always try to show our creativity amidst this crisis. While we are grateful for every donation, one local designer have surely made sure to make a PPE that would symbolize home.

Local designer Guela Ampong, designed a Philippine flag-inspired PPE to honor our modern day heroes.

“It’s a tribute for all the Filipinos who are fighting right now (against) COVID. Sila ‘yung mga frontliners. Since we are Filipinos, parang nandoon ‘yung pagiging makabayan natin,” Ampong added.

– Guela Ampong

Unlike any other PPEs, Guela Ampong’s are washable and can be used after disinfection. Furthermore, Ampong’s have already been approved by the health department.

Guela Ampong is dubbed as the “Queen of Mindanaoan Fashion.” She is a nurse who found her passion in the industry of fashion for 11 years. Hence, she understands the need to protect outrmodern day heroes so she designed PPEs that would protect you and make you prouder.

Guela teamed up with her good friend, obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. Jamillah Watamama to design and produce PPEs for the city’s health workers.

May we all be reminded to support and pray for our modern day heroes and protect them by staying at our homes.

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