It is inevitable that one from the 104 million Filipinos will have a birthday that would fall during the quarantine period. Because of this pandemic, birthday plans were abrupted and cancelled. However, just because your birthday couldn’t be as extravagant as how you hoped it to be, doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be just as special.

The will to continue living and push through with birthday celebrations could give us joy during this pandemic. This could also help us find normalcy during this crisis. Hence, more and more people have found ways to make their quarantine birthday extra special.

10:31 by Chef M from Bohol is an A-lister in this field. Since the pandemic, they have ceased their operations. However, because of the urge to provide joy to the Boholanos and to still provide for their employees, they have gone the extra mile and thought of ways.

A surprise birthday party was given to a celebrant in Bohol. Who would’ve thought that what we used to watch in movies could also happen in real life? Yes, they can make it happen. From the planning to the conceptualization, everything is done virtually.

I guess this is how the pandemic affected us, it made us more creative and appreciative. May more celebrants be given a surprise like this. Continue this artistic and creative endeavor, Chef M!

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