Like the seas and the springs, the mountains are calling you too.

People oftentimes go to the beaches to seek refuge from the busyness of life. Others go to the springs and dip themselves in its hot and cold waters. Others just eat and binge-watch movies. While there are others who trek their way up the mountains and sit in the lap of nature.

Mt. Matunog in Bohol should be an item in every mountain trekkers bucket list.

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While there are around 44 named mountains in Bohol, the highest and the most prominent mountain is Mt. Matunog (Mayana Peak).  It is in Mayana, Jagna, a third-class municipality in the east side of Bohol an hour away from Tagbilaran City and the portal of Central Visayas to Mindanao.

Mayana is coined as the “Little Baguio of Bohol” because of its cold weather. The barangay, in fact, is around 820m above sea level. No wonder why Mt. Matunog has an even colder environment.

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Going to the peak is the kind of thrill that every mountain hikers and trekkers are looking forward to experience. Be amazed at how enchanting the trail is as you pass through mini forests, wildflowers, and lovely anthuriums. The path to the final peak is an adrenaline pumper. The ascend is steep and the only thing that serves as rails are small tree branches and grasses.

The sweat and the effort climbing to the top are all worth it. Here, you’ll witness nearby mountains ranges like Garcia, Duero, and Candijay. The view of the vast sea and the most part of Bohol is breathtaking. The feeling is very satisfying.

It takes almost 45 minutes to get to the peak from the jump-off point with slippery grounds and having only branches and tree trunks to hold on to.

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If you want to catch the scenic sunrise, it’s suggested that you start the trekking early. Other than that, it’s a good move so you can avoid the heat of the sun and the possible flock of other tourists. Make sure to also wear something comfortable.

You can also camp in Mt. Matunog but be sure to bring your camping gears. The campsite has full of ferns, and hundreds of fireflies when you camp on a cold night. You may have to contact first the Jagna Tourism Office so you’ll have more information about the trek and other camping requirements.

Photo from Travel 29
Photo from Travel 29

While in Mayana, you can also take a day to visit other attractions like the centennial-old narra tree that is 100 feet high and considered one of the largest trees in the Philippines. There are also rice terraces in the area.

Rates & Other Information


  • Entrance fee: None as of the moment
  • Guide fee: P200-300 per group



Exact location: Mayana Peak/Mt. Matunog, Mayana, Jagna, Bohol, Central Visayas

BY COMMUTE: You can take a bus from Tagbilaran to the town of Jagna, and from the Jagna public market, ride a jeep to the barangay of Mayana, or hire a habal-habal (motorcycle with driver) to take you to the area.

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