We all love witnessing the sea of clouds anytime and anywhere.  Well, Angel’s Camp has a lovely way for its guests to experience it.

Angel’s Camp is a lovely hillside destination which nestled at the side of a verdant hill with an overlooking view of the verdant land formations below. This hillside destination proudly features the fertile lands that the farmers use and the rolling terrains where these farms are placed.

Photo by Ruby Ann Muego Adtoon
Photo by Ralph Ganir
Photo from Darko MotoVlog Facebook Page

Surrounding the humble camp are verdant mountains covered in trees and other lush vegetation. Bamboo props and backdrops are placed at the edges of the camp where people can strike poses while highlighting the verdant mountains in the back.

One of the best things about Angel’s Camp is that the owners did their best to build the camp without destroying much of the hillside. Bridges made from bamboos on stilts stand firmly over the slopes and allow guests of the camp to experience the natural beauty in front of the hill.

Photo by Ruby Ann Muego Adtoon
Photo by Ruby Ann Muego Adtoon
Photo by Jason Bisnar
Photo by Ralph Ganir
Photo by Ralph Ganir

The camp is also mostly filled with bamboo structures which complement the natural sceneries in the background. Moreover, bamboo huts are also built over the slopes where campers can stay the night to witness the mystical event of mist enveloping the entire hill.

In the morning, the mountainous backgrounds and foggy mornings make the perfect backdrops for a breakfast by the hillside. There are tables available where everyone can eat their prepared food and drink their hot cup of chocolate – definitely a unique way to enjoy the mountain views.

Photo by Danjade Espinosa
Photo by Ruby Ann Muego Adtoon
Photo by Danjade Espinosa

Angel’s Camp is definitely a refreshing destination where visitors are able to fully experience the mountains.



  • Day Use: P55 per person
  • Overnight: P100 per person
  • Opening Hours: 8AM – 6PM daily


  • Tri-angel’s Native Hut: P1,500 per night, good for 2-3 persons
  • Ram’s Native Deck: P1,200 per night, good for 2-3 persons
  • Raine’s Bamboo Floor: P1,000 per night, good for 2-3 persons
  • Check-in: 3:00PM
  • Check-out: 9:00AM
  • NOTE: Get P400-P500 less if you bring your own tent and beddings



Exact location: Bagong Silang, Balutakay, Bansalan, Davao del Sur – just a few meters from Holyland and Montefrio

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