Boholanos and visitors of Bohol will be excited to hear that the home of the Chocolate Hills is riding the waves and already have their own sets of floating cottages.

Floating cottages are bamboo rafts fitted with a native cottage, complete with chairs and tables, and a mini-pool. Aquascape Floating Cottages provides the perfect getaway to groups of friends and families to enjoy their tropical slice of Boholano paradise.

Now in Bohol – The Heart of the Philippine Islands
Photo from Now in Bohol – The Heart of the Philippine Islands
Photo by Maria Irene M. Alcala
Photo by Maria Irene M. Alcala

Guests are given access to a large floating cottage which has ample space for everyone to enjoy both dry and wet activities. Aside from the native cottage and swimming at the center of the raft, there is more than enough space around the raft where families can lay out mats and get tanned under the sun. Or they could bring various board games that everyone can enjoy while waiting for food to be prepared. Due to the raft being in the middle of the sea, guests should expect strong winds but despite that, the raft is stable enough to support everyone’s weight and allow them to enjoy various activities.

Saltwater Pools

There are two swimming pools that guests will be able to enjoy when in the raft, both of which are saltwater pools. One of the pools is an opening in the raft with a net that’s perfect for kids who still can’t brave the deep blue. The other pool is just outside the raft, called the sea. Adults can use the raft as diving boards and perform various diving tricks or they could grab their snorkels to discover the wonders hiding beneath the bamboo raft.

Now in Bohol – The Heart of the Philippine Islands
Now in Bohol – The Heart of the Philippine Islands
Photo by Joy Pilongo
Photo from Aquascape Floating Cottage Facebook Page

Through all these activities and in the duration of everyone’s stay in the floating cottage, they are given the chance to enjoy the small but charming and nature-blessed island of Bohol from a different perspective. A panoramic view of the turquoise waters is also available at the other side of the raft. Either way, guests of the floating cottage are given a view to enjoy whichever side of the boat they decide to stay in.

The Bol-anon tropics are much more beautiful aboard the bamboo rafts of Aquascape Floating Cottages.



  • Floating Cottage: P2,000, good for 35 persons
  • Reservation Fee: 50% of Rental Fee
  • Inclusion: Usage of floating cottage from 8AM to 4PM

NOTE: Walk-ins not allowed. Be sure to reserve before going to Aquascape Floating Cottages



Exact location: Manga District, Tagbilaran City, Bohol

BY TRICYCLE: Upon arriving at the Tagbilaran City Pier, there are many tricycles just waiting outside the pier that could take you anywhere in Tagbilaran. If you don’t have any service, then the tricycle drivers could take you to Aquascape Floating Cottages with ease. Just tell the driver to take you to Manga District. For more specific directions, contact the owners of Aquascape Floating Cottages beforehand through the contact details provided above.

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