“Sana all!” 

This is one of the most common expressions these days when we witness a couple finally tying the knot, or simply, when romantic gestures are made to one another. Indeed, it takes two to tango, but what if, the other half of the two, is a rice cooker?

In Magelang, Indonesia, a man named Khoirul Anam have made that a reality by marrying his rice cooker (yes, you read that right). Anam even posted pictures of the ceremony in social media including Facebook, where he was dressed in traditional wedding garb while his wife, rice cooker, even wore a veil. 

Included in the pictures are Anam and his rice cooker both present in signing their marriage documents. According to Anam, he married his rice cooker because it was “white, loving and obedient”, and furthermore saying to his beloved rice cooker that “without you, my rice is not cooked”.

Photo from google.com
Photo from google.com
Photo from google.com
Photo from google.com

Unfortunately, though, the entire post was just a prank as Khoirul Anam himself is a well-known prankster in Indonesia. He mentioned that the viral post shouldn’t be taken seriously as it was just a gag he made online. 

Some of the past pranks he made include making coffee out of coffee-flavored candy, putting spikes on the seat of his motorcycle so his girlfriend wouldn’t get jealous about the idea that he may give a ride to other women, and having cobwebs all over his body for allegedly staying at home for a very long time due to the pandemic.

Just a few days after the publicized marriage with his rice cooker, Anam announced that they will be having a divorce, just a mere four days after they were wed. “My decision is round… heavy indeed… but this is the way I take… [there is] no perfect partner…” he wrote.

How about you? For the love of rice, would you marry your rice cooker too if you had the chance?

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