There’s a town in Davao del Norte that boasts of one of the best spots for witnessing stunning green mountain ranges and occasional ocean of fogs.

Talaingod, a second class municipality, may be unknown to a lot of tourists, but the potential for tourism in this sleepy town in Davao del Norte is very much alive and waiting to be acknowledged.

So if you’re planning for a trip to Talaingod, here’s a brief guide of a few spots you can visit.

1. Camp Kawayan

Camp Kawayan is actually located in the town of Kapalong. However, if headed to Talaingod, you can pass by this popular spot. Camp Kawayan is the first highland destination in the town of Kapalong, offering a scenic panoramic view. The place is popular because you can witness the popular “Ocean of Fogs” early in the morning Camp Kawayan. They have three  tribal cottages, two tribal houses, a camping ground, and a café.

Photo by Two become One
Photo by Two become One
Photo by Two become One
Photo by Two become One


  • Entrance fee: P30 (day tour), P120 (overnight)
  • Cottage fee: P300

Room rates:

  • Tribal House 1: P1,500 or P2,500 (inclusive of breakfast); 2-4 persons
  • Tribal House 2: P3,000 or P5,000 (inclusive of breakfast); 5-8 persons

Other information:

2. Talaingod View Deck

Aside from offering a stunning panoramic view of vast green hilly terrain below and bright blue skies above (on a sunny day), the Talaingod View Deck is also open to the public and does not have any entrance fee. It’s located close to the municipal hall of Talaingod and can be reached by a 10-minute walk from the said landmark.

Photo by Hallmark Mojica
Photo by Raffy Llego

3. Cliff’s Café & Restobar

Perched on top of a hill and boasting of a jaw-dropping view of the green surroundings, Cliff’s Café is another must visit in the town of Talaingod. On a cold day, the restaurant is sometimes enveloped in a thick fog. The best time to visit is on a late afternoon so you can still see the stunning surroundings and you also get to see the restaurant light up for the evening. The view here at night is stunning.

Entrance fee: P25 (Cliff’s Café and Restobar is also frequented by tourists who just want to see the view, so they charge an entrance fee to visitors).

Other information:

4. Ridge View Mountain Resort

A mountain resort that gives you an overlooking view of the Tadeco Banana Plantation, Mount Apo, and Samal Island in Davao City, Ridge View Mountain Resort is one of the top spots you must visit in this province. Their pool is strategically located on a semi-cliffside and the view here is purely stunning, especially on a cold day when fog covers the surroundings. This resort also offers one of the best spots for sunset watching.

Photo by Ting Stone

Entrance fee: P150 (daytime), P200 (overnight)

Room rates:

  • Single room: P1,500
  • 2-storey room: P5,000
  • Room in underground viewing deck: P2,500

Other information:

How to get there?

They have van for rent, message them directly for more info. Rates depends on your origin.

Davao Area: Ride any bus at Ecoland Terminal going to Tagum then ride a jeep going to Kapalong and look for single motor and tell the driver to bring you to Ridge View or in Sitio Cabadiangan, Sto Niño, Talaingod.

5. Talaingod Road

Opened just last 2016, the popular Talaingod road is a part of the Kapalong-Talaingod-Bukidnon Road that cuts the travel time between the provinces of Bukidnon and Davao del Norte by half. Its length is approximately 156 kilometers. This road is open to the public and is popular because of the scenic views of the green mountainous terrain surrounding the area while you are the traversing the mountainside.

6. Uraya’s Peak

One of the best spots for dining, camping, and photography in Talaingod. They have a restaurant with a breathtaking view of the mountain ranges. Their unique A-frame houses and Indian teepees are also worth checking out. Their accommodations are strategically surrounded by dense trees making you feel like you’re in a forest.

Photo from Uraya’s Peak FB Page
Photo from Uraya’s Peak FB Page
Photo from Uraya’s Peak FB Page
Photo from Uraya’s Peak FB Page
Photo from Uraya’s Peak FB Page

Entrance fee:

  • P160 (regular day tour fee)
  • P300 (day tour with breakfast package)
  • P300 (overnight camping with day tour)

Room rates:

  • A Frame houses: P6,000 (2 persons; additional of P900 per extra person)
  • Teepee houses: P500 (2 persons; maximum of 4 persons)

Other information:

7. Mont Blanc Mountain

And to cap your Talaingod trip, Mont Blanc is another popular spot in the said town. Just like every other destination in this municipality, Mont Blanc gives you a panoramic view of the surrounding green mountain ranges. There is wooden ladder that leads up the peak and the view at the top is just stunning. The best time to visit is on a early morning to witness thick fog or in the afternoon for some sunset watching.


By bus: From Davao City, you can ride a bus bound for Talaingod, Davao del Norte. Travel time is around 1 hour and 30 minutes. If from Tagum City, travel time by bus takes 30-40 minutes.

By private car: Navigate using Waze or Google Maps and type in “Talaingod, Daveo del Norte”.

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