It’s not a true Boracay experience unless you’ve experienced the breathtaking and stunning waters of the Boracay Crystal Cove Island.

Boracay Crystal Cove Island is a tropical sanctuary surrounded by the same blue waters that crash on the shores of the Boracay mainland. It is a small tropical island covering a land area of about 2.5 hectares and is just a boat ride away from the shores of Boracay. Aside from beautiful sights and a lovely tropical island, there are many wonders hidden within it that makes it such a worthy place to explore.

Photo by SVOEvent
Photo by Mohammed Al-Khalifa
Photo by Younghoon Yang
Photo by Younghoon Yang

Although the Boracay Crystal Cove Island is just a secondary destination to any Boracay escapade, the secrets and other wonders that this island holds aren’t just an accessory to Boracay but it serves to provide its own unique set of tropical experiences that can’t be experienced anywhere else in the holiday island. It is perfect not only for sight-seeing but exploring and cave hopping as well.

If the weather is great and the sea is in good condition, various underwater flora and fauna can be witnessed when snorkeling in the waters around the island. Fishes and other sea creatures tend to get close to the island if waves and currents aren’t too strong. Everyone will have a spectacular and memorable experience interacting with the fishes and discovering the colorful corals that inhabit the bed of the sea.

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Photo by Георгий Лукаш
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Photo by 낭변우진
Photo by Mel Kar Dashian
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The Boracay Crystal Cove Island is uninhabited except for a few thatch umbrellas and some caretakers. The privacy and lack of crowd that the island possesses is one of its most attractive features which is why many take the chance to have an exclusive tour of the island.

Caves & Saltwater pools

The main attraction of the cove island are the two caves with saltwater pools and stunning crystal formations on the cave walls. The smaller cave even has a tunnel that leads out to another cove where the sea splashes furiously against the rock walls. When the waves are calm, the water shimmers turquoise blue under the sun and an irresistibly refreshing look.

Photo by Ho Quang Thinh
Photo from Crystal Cove Island Facebook Page
Photo from Crystal Cove Island Facebook Page
Photo by 그라시아
Photo by Andrew Alexeyev
Photo by Kaizen Enguerra
Photo by Anh Tuấn Phan

If you’re looking for a unique and exclusive island getaway, then it’s time you experienced the lovely shores of the Boracay Crystal Cove Island.



  • Adults: P300 per head
  • Children (3-4 ft): P150 per child
  • Children (below 3ft): Free
  • Senior Citizen/PWD: 20% Discount if w/ ID


  • Cave Exploration
  • Trekking
  • Fish Feeding
  • Snorkeling



Exact location: Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan Province

BY BOAT: Crystal Cove is a 20-minute boat ride from the mainland. You can ride a boat from the Cagban/Tambisaan port to reach it. There are also tours and packages that can be booked in Boracay resorts to explore the Crystal Cove.

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