Ready your wallet ARMYs for another BTS pop-up store may be opening in Manila soon.

The first BTS Pop-Up: Map of the Soul store officially opened in Metro Manila last May 29 to October 31 which was an exciting moment for every ARMY all over the country. 

Photo from SM Megamall
Photo from SM Megamall
Photo from SM Megamall

Map of the Soul was the famous South Korean boy band, Bangtan Boys, or more commonly known as BTS, 2020 album.

In case you missed that Map of the Soul pop-up, well don’t be too down as the exciting news of another BTS pop-up store opening is just something that will cheer you up.

A photo posted by SM Megamall shows a purple board-up sporting the BTS logo and was captioned “Guess what’s going to POP-UP next at SM Megamall”.

Now, if that’s not a clear sign to save money I don’t know what is. There are no exact details yet as the replies only say “coming soon” but Filipino ARMYs are speculating it to be a BTS Pop-Up: Space of BTS store.

These pop-up stores are where you can shop cool merch inspired by BTS’s music, fashion, and aesthetic. They will have cool finds like clothes, home decor, and other nifty knickknacks as well.

These pop-up stores will surely make every ARMYs heart full and more connected to their idols.

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