Considered to be one of the most photographed falls in the province of Negros Oriental, the Casaroro falls of the municipality of Valencia continues to attract tourists both inside and outside the province.

Casaroro Falls is located approximately 9 kilometers from Dumaguete City and is a perfect side trip for those who are visiting the aforementioned city.

Photo by Elal Jane Lasola (IG: @elallasola)

Travellers know that it is one prized tourist spot despite the steep and difficult trails. Situated deep in the rocky terrain of the Valencia mountains, the Casaroro falls takes pride in its 100-feet narrow waterfall, surrounded by a luscious green environment, with its water free flowing down into a natural basin, and down into a stream.

The basin is surrounded by boulders where tourists can rest and secure their belongings, or this can also be the perfect spot for taking your photographs. Although the Casaroro falls is quite narrow, the heavy volume of water pouring down is tremendous enough to make roaring sounds as it makes contact with the natural basin below.

Photo by @carson.moody
Photo by Jeffrey Monilla

The hike going to Casaroro falls is a challenging one and you’ll go through a rocky and hilly terrain. But recently, a 350-step path has been constructed to make the trek easier for tourists. You will pass by dense thick green foliage which gives you a strolling-in-the-jungle feels.

After the concrete steps, another 30-35 minute trek awaits so expect to trek through mud, huge boulders and streaming water. But we assure you that the challenging trip is really worth it! The beauty of Casaroro falls will soothe your tired bodies and soles.

Photo by Kat B.
Photo by Chard Parker
Photo by Vivian Cagoyong

There are tour guides at the starting point of the trail whom you can hire to guide you throughout the trip. We highly recommend getting a tour guide because it will make your travel a whole lot easier (bear in mind that the path leading to the Casaroro falls is a tough one, so having an experienced guide will help a lot), and you’re helping out locals earn as well.



  • Entrance Fee – P30 (inclusive of environmental fee)


  • Wear comfortable and durable foowear!
  • Bring some water or snacks with you because there are no stores around the area.
  • Better visit Casaroro falls  in the morning so you can enjoy the trip. Remember that the trek is a long and tough one.  


Exact location: Valencia, Negros Oriental, Visayas

BY JEEPNEY OR MULTICAB: Ride a jeep or multicab from Dumaguete City going to the municipality of Valencia. Travel time is only 30 minutes, more or less and fare is around P12. Ask the driver to drop you off at Valencia. From Valencia, you can hire a habal-habal to get you to the starting trail of Casaroro Falls (it’s a very famous spot so the locals will automatically know the directions). Fare is at P300 per motorbike and is good enough for 2 persons.Travel time to the starting trail is approximately 20 minutes.  

BY VAN: If you are in a large group, you can rent out private vans in Dumaguete City. Price ranges from P600-P800.You can just arrange with the driver to pick you up on a certan time.  

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