Have the mountain views of Bukidnon all to yourself when staying in the rustic cabin of Cinco Mountain Resort.

Cinco Mountain Resort is a scenic private rest house in Kitaokitao, Bukidnon that boasts of a stunning view of the verdant mountains in Mindanao. Experience a day or two living the simple life in their cabin in the mountain away from the digital space and just revel in the natural views and refreshing breeze of Bukidnon.

It possesses one of the best overlooking views in the town and also has additional facilities that will make the stay much more enjoyable and enhance the beauty of the mountains.

The house by itself is simple yet very charming and properly compliments its surroundings. It has a rustic design which definitely brings out its cabin vibes. The place is quite secure and very much private since not a lot of people live near the area plus there’s no other way to reach the mountain resort except through their main entrance.

If peace and quiet is what you’re going for, then Cinco Mountain Resort has more than enough tranquility to put your mind at ease and the serene views of the towering mountains makes every moment feel delightful whether it’s day or night.

At the front of the house is an infinity pool sitting directly in front of the mountain views – the best place for some mountain viewing. The resort provides some floaters for kids so the whole family can spend a refreshing day together at the pool.


The main facilities include bedrooms, an attic, comfort rooms, bathrooms, and an outdoor kitchen. There are also hammocks tied to the trees for relaxing afternoon naps and a bonfire area where everyone can gather at night. Tents can also be put up near the bonfire for a more realistic outdoor experience for the adventurous ones.

Experiencing the peak of relaxing in the private rest house of Cinco Mountain Resort.



  • Monday-Thursday
    • Max 5 persons: P5,500 per night
    • Max 10 persons: P6,000 per night
    • Max 15 persons: P6,500 per night
  • Friday-Sunday
    • Max 5 persons: P6,000 per night
    • Max 10 persons: P6,500 per night
    • Max 15 persons: P7,000 per night

NOTE: No inclusion of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Bring your own food



Exact location: Sinuda, Kitaokitao, Bukidnon, Mindanao — 10-15 minutes from Lorega Quarantine Checkpoint

BY PRIVATE VEHICLE: The best way to get to Cinco Mountain Resort is through a private vehicle. Not many public vehicles pass by Cinco Mountain Resort so commuting is a difficult option. Buses from Ecoland Terminal do pass by Lorega Quarantine but the resort itself is still quite a distance.

The best landmark for Cinco Mountain Resort is Sinuda National Highschool which is along the Bukidnon-Davao road. Make a turn at this junction and Cinco Mountain Resort will be at the left side just a few minutes in. A rocky formation at the left side of the road is your indicator for Cinco Mountain Resort. Keep your eyes peeled as it is quite easy to miss.

Watch this video as a guide:

You may also navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Sinuda National Highschool” in Kitaokitao, Bukidnon.

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