A quarry lake in Bohol have caught the attention of the netizens as it creates a crater-like landscape that is seemingly alike the Mt. Pinatubo crater lake which are made because of calderas, a large depression formed when a volcano erupts and collapses.

Located in Barangay Ilihan in Ubay, Bohol, the idyllic-looking, Ilihan quarry, offers a stunning setting with the perfect lighting for Instagram worthy pictures.

Photo by Iam Pablito Mangaya-ay Junior
Photo by Iam Pablito Mangaya-ay Junior
Photo by Iam Pablito Mangaya-ay Junior

Gemlike in its appearance, the turquoise quarry lake sparkles when light strikes but be strongly warned that it is not for swimming.

Though it quickly became a tourist attraction, it is strongly advised to be a “For your eyes only” attraction. Same goes with all quarries, it is actually a water-filled open pit from a disused mine.

The beautiful and unique color of the water itself speaks of its contamination with toxic chemicals.

Photo by Iam Pablito Mangaya-ay Junior

Visiting the place asks for extra carefulness and none of those risky behaviors because its toxic waters could lead to health issues and no pictures can be worth that.

There are also hidden dangers like underwater ledges and recesses, hidden currents and tunnels, submerged plants, pollution and dangerous algae so exercise caution and don’t take risks when visiting.



  • Entrance fee: None


  • Corkage fee: None
  • Contact numbers: N/A
  • Email address: N/A
  • Facebook Page: N/A


Exact location: Brgy. Ilihan, Ubay, Bohol, Philippines – approx. 10-15 minutes drive from Ubay proper

BY CAR/Motorcycle: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Ilihan Quarry” in Bohol. Parking space is available.

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