There’s no better way to appreciate the crystal clear waters of Bohol than by observing it from the multi-tier cliffside accommodation of Crystal Clear Villa.

The views are definitely crystal clear from here and in different levels at that. Crystal Clear VIlla is a secluded seaside destination that juts out from a certain cliff in Guindulman, Bohol. It is eccentric, unique, and unexpectedly attractive because of the different levels where its tenants may enjoy the clear turquoise waters just beyond the cliff.

Photo by Genesil Canada Merabueno
Photo by Genesil Canada Merabueno

The view decks blend fairly well with the lush greens growing out of the cliffs. The top deck even has a small charming garden composed of protruding rocks and plants that creates a calming ambiance that is both therapeutic and relaxing to the mind and body.

At the top deck are benches that look out onto the expansive sea with the background of trees and plants creating canopies that provide shade on a hot sunny day. From that level, the glistening waters of the ocean are visible along with the corals and marine rocks which can slightly be seen on the shallow parts.

A red spiral staircase is connected to every deck and provides access from the top going to the bottom. In the middle of the day, the guests can take a splash at the bottom and then they can watch the sunset from the top deck.

The ocean can also be accessed at the lowest level and guests can swim in the transparent waters. The glass-like ocean water is more mesmerizing up close because of the clear view of the bottom near the cliff. The most exciting place for thrill-seekers is the diving platform near the lowest level where guests can perform various tricks while plunging into the water.

If salt water is not up to their taste, then they can take a relaxing dip in the swimming pool just right by the villa. Although the villa doesn’t have a clear view of the ocean, it does have majestic sceneries filled with verdant mountains that touch the sky.

The villa is completely modern in style from the inside and the outside but it still provides a high level of comfort to the people staying in. The swimming pool and the viewing decks are both just walking distances from the villa and in between them is a yard with well-kept grass and some trees.

Photo by Genesil Canada Merabueno

All-in-all, Crystal Clear Villa is a top-tier accommodation that ticks the most important factors when on a vacation: great views, privacy, and high-quality facilities. Moreover, this secluded villa highlights the abundance of nature in Bohol which makes guests truly appreciate the beauty of the island.  



  • Promo Rate: P2,500 per room per day (4 adults per room)

NOTE: Only accommodates one family/group at a time. A minimum use of 3 rooms is required per reservation.



Exact location: Basdio, Guindulman, Bohol, Central Visayas

From Tagbilaran City, ride any jeepney or hail a private vehicle going to Guidulman. It’s 2 hours away from Tagbilaran. Inform the driver to drop you off in Delapaz Basdio, Guindulman, along the highway and on the border of Anda, where you can find the villa.

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