It’s not every day that we get to see animals in their skeletal form, let alone skeletons of more than 700 specimens in a single place.

D’ Bone Collector Museum, literally a museum owned by a bone collector – an American named Darrell Dean Blatchley to be specific – opened up a museum in Davao in 2012 which contained all of his massive bone collection of various animals, not only from the country but from different parts of the world.

Photo from D’ Bone Collector Museum Inc. Facebook Page
Photo by Francisco Japhet Moralde
Photo by Evan Marantal
Photo by Francisco Japhet Moralde
Photo by Dani
Photo by Michael Carbon
Photo by Clips Z

His collection included preserved skeletal remains of animals, skulls of various land animals, and even massive skeletal structures belonging to equally massive animals. Some of these remains were collected by Blatchley since his teenage years while the others were donated from museums all around the world including Canada, Russia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Philippines.

Touted as the first of its kind in Davao City, D’ Bone Collector Museum is an educational establishment and an addition to the ever-growing number of museums in Davao City. The unique skeleton collections in the museum are meant to educate the public about animals through the different displays inside.

Photo by Andrew Stokman
Photo by Lưu Văn Cam
Photo by Daryl Hernandez
Photo by Francisco Japhet Moralde
Photo by Dirk Meiners
Photo by Lưu Văn Cam

More specifically, Blatchley aims to educate the public about how the animals in his museum died in the hopes of raising environmental awareness and ultimately preventing more animals from dying due to pollution and other man-made causes.



  • Adults: P50 per head
  • Children and students: P40 per child/student
  • Opening hours: 10AM to 5PM, Mon-Fri, opens 1PM on Saturdays



Exact location: Family Circus Compound, Brgy. 76-A Bucana Blvd (San Pedro Ext.), Davao City

BY GRAB/TAXI: If using Grab, just put “D’ Bone Collector Museum” in the destination. If taking a regular taxi, ask the driver to take you to the corner of Quezon Blvd. and San Pedro St. There will be a sign there showing the directions going to the museum. Go into the alley where the sign is pointing and the museum will be about a kilometer from the road at the right side.

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