Yes, he may be 68 but he can still outdress you.

This cool grandpa in TikTok have gained fame without even intending to as his
tiktok entries have gone viral for being well-fit.

Photo from Dada Tabuzo’s Instagram account

It’s an inspiration that dressing up isn’t only for the young but it is ageless as can
be seen in his username @NotsoOLDda. Now, meet TikTok’s cool and stylish
grandpa, Dada Tabuzo.

Photo from Dada Tabuzo’s Instagram account

TikTok is a content bomb of fashion and outfit ideas but Lolo Dada outshines them
all with his streetstyle OOTDs. He even now has his own nickname in the app as
“Lolo Drip” for his “drip” style.

He dresses up like a new gen which is what makes him so cute and literally earned
the hearts of Tiktok users with some oh his videos having million views and million

Together with his grandchild, he dresses up as he wishes and was very happy to
receive all the positive response from the people.

Here are some outfit tips from Dada based on his posts:

  • Comfy outfits are the best
  • The black-and-white color combo will never go out of style
  • Brightly-colored sneakers adds spice to your calm colored outfits

Dressing up is good for your confidence so do dress up and ignore anyone who tells
you otherwise.

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