There are just days where we need a perfect place to breathe fresh air and release all the negative aura in our bodies. 

Located in Sitio IBA, Dansolihon, Cagayan De Oro City is a humble place, ready to take your negative vibes away, the Dansoliwood Viewdeck Cafe.

The cafe offers you different dishes that you can enjoy with its refreshing ambiance. The cafe has their Silog menu, they also offer you snacks if you don’t want a heavy meal. If you’re planning to spend dinner, the cafe also has rice meals available. 

The place is perfect to spend time with your family, friends, and your significant other. If you’re also into Instagram-worthy pictures, this place will not disappoint you. 

As the place is also on the mountainside of Dansolihon, visitors may need to bring their jackets as the weather may be a bit chilly, especially during rainy seasons. If you’re also a fan of a foggy place, then the cafe is perfect for you. Time to achieve those Baguio feels photos. 



  • Corned Beef Silog  
  • Tunasilog Spamsilog  
  • Longsilog 

Other Information:

  • Opening hours: 8 AM-8 PM Daily
    • Accepts bookings (5 days before the event) and Check-in Guest
  • Walk-in fee: P50
  • Contact number: 0953 189 5880 
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Facebook Page: Dansoliwood Viewdeck CAFE CDO


Exact location: Sitio IBA, Dansolihon, CDO City

VIA COMMUTE: If you are planning to commute, it would be harder for you to access the place. 

However, from the city one can ride public transportation going to Carmen. From there one can ride another public transportation going to Dansoliho. 

BY CAR: From KAWA, around 600 meters turn right, you will see signage welcome to Barangay Dansoliho. 

From there straight ahead until you reach Dansolihon Elementary School. You will then pass by two steel bridges and a daycare center. From there turn left. The cafe can be seen on the roadside. 

Or you can navigate using google maps and set your destination to “Dansoliwood Viewdeck Cafe.”

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