When it comes to tourism, Davao is never short with attractions that make the region relevant as the country’s top tourist spots. Ranging from sparkling falls, crystal clear beaches and up to mountainous peaks, Davao is one of the Phlippines’ wonder. But little do people know that not only because of the attactions why Davao is popular; Davao is also famous for its fruit products.

Hailed as the Fruit Basket of the country, Davao is one of the top producers of fruits like banana, papaya and other sweet fruits all over the world. Most of the fruits being exported outside the country are hailing from this region, with locally produced fruits making them a lot cheaper.

The rich, fertile, volcanic soil is one of the contributing factors why the fruits being planted here are fresh and tasty. The agricultural background of the region, where a large number of people have planting crops as their livelihood, ensures that the fruit production is a sustainable process.

If there’s going to be a highlight, the exotic durian is simply the first fruit that comes to mind when one would talk about Davao. This fruit gives off a strong odor, a tangy taste and is known to be rich in nutrients. The fruit is famous and a native in the region, that locals even make variations of the fruit. One popular variation of the fruit is making it a salad, generally mixed with sugar, milk and ice.

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Fruits like mango, banana, pineapple, pomelo, lansones and rambutan are also very abundant in Davao. These fruits are locally produced, making the fruits cheaper to local buyers. Even the mangosteen, very popular for its nutritional benefits, is grown in the region, making the fruit products available very diverse.

Indeed, Davao with its number of quality fruits being produced is worthy of its moniker as the fruit basket of the country. Not only the local residents get to enjoy them but people all over the world are blessed to have a taste of the precious fruits here in Davao.

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