Mindanao is a land blessed with many natural wonders and is very abundant with various mountain destinations and other natural attractions such as beaches, waterfalls, and more. Without a doubt, Mindanao has so much in store for locals and tourists alike and many more beautiful attractions will appear as time goes by. Even now, Mindanao already keeps us breathless with all the beauty and majesty that it possesses.

Hold your breaths as we explore 10 of the most breathtaking destinations in the blessed land of Mindanao:

1. Mt. Apo

Outside of being a famous destination in Mindanao itself, the name of Mt. Apo is quite famous in the Philippines. It stands as the highest point in the country with an elevation of 3144 meters above sea level, giving it the title of “Grand Father of all Philippine Mountains”. With an astounding height of more than 3000 meters above sea level, Mt. Apo is sure to be a destination that will attract many mountaineers in the country.

Moreover, with the height and fame that Mt. Apo holds, it has more than 1 trail in different municipalities that mountaineers could explore which gives them 4 novel ways to explore the grand mountain. What’s even more exciting is that this mountain has 7 different peaks which makes peak hopping a very enjoyable mountain activity. Those who reach the summit and explore the different peaks will be able to witness scenic views of Davao, Mt. Matutum, Lake Venado, and other surrounding provinces.

Photo by Chef Engineer
Photo by Gem Valenzuela Portillas
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  • Sibulan-Mt. Apo Peak Trail (13.7 KM) – Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur, Philippines
  • Ko-ong Kidapawan Trail (19 KM) – Kidapawan, North Cotabato, Philippines
  • Kapatagan Trail (~15.7 KM) – Digos, Davao del Sur, Philippines
  • Magpet Trail (15.3 KM) – Magpet, North Cotabato

2. Island Garden City of Samal

The Island Garden City of Samal is Davao City’s pride and very own city jewel. The island is a famous holiday destination among locals and tourists alike. It is located just opposite of the coasts of Davao City and rests just 2 kilometers away. The hems of the island are fringed with glorious white sand beaches with sandy shores that stretch 118 kilometers around the island and pristine waters that host an abundance of various marine life.

Similar to Cebu’s Malapascua Island, Samal’s shores is dotted with both high-and mid-end beaches with various services and facilities to make everyone’s stay a memorable one. The most famous beach in the island, and a rather luxurious one, is the Pearl Farm Beach Resort. There are at least another 85 registered resorts within and around the island, offering guests and tourists with more than enough choices to cater to their needs.

Photo by Macoy Monton
Photo by Aileen Panes



  • Via Sta. Ana Wharf: P60 per person
  • Via Sasa Wharf: P60 per person for bus fare, P10 per person for ferry



Exact Location: Island Garden City of Samal, Davao del Norte

BY PLANE: Book a plane going to Davao City International Airport. From the airport, travel to Sta. Ana Wharf, Sasa Wharf, of KM 11 Wharf. There are small boats and ferries that travel to the island from any of those wharfs. There are also buses that board ferries in Sasa Wharf (details above) which can take you to Kaputian and other destinations in the island.

3. Cape of San Agustin

Cape San Agustin is the most southeasterly point in the Philippines. On one side of the cape is the vast raging waters of the Celebes sea and on the other is the calm waters of the Davao Gulf. For these reasons, the cape was a strategic destination in the past. From being a strategically important point for the Japanese and Americans during World War II, the Cape of San Agustin has evolved to become one of the most historically relevant destinations in Mindanao with Japanese shipwrecks even reputed to be within the vicinity.

Aside from historical landmarks, the Cape of San Agustin is also famous for stunning beaches and other attractions with one of the most prominent attractions being the San Agustin Lighthouse, more famously known as the “Parola”. The Cape of San Agustin is definitely a great place for those looking for rich history and scenic attractions in a single destination.

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 Exact Location: Sitio Talisay, Barangay Lavigan, Governor Generoso, Davao Oriental

BY COMMUTE: Find your way to the Ecoland Bus Terminal and take a bus going to Governor Generoso. There are also L300 Vans at Gaisano Mall and Victoria Plaza in Bajada. Upon arriving in Governor Generoso, ask around for directions going to Cape San Agustin.

4. Dahican Surf Resort

Dahican Surf Resort is a famous destination among surfers and skimboarders because of the scenic beach and the exciting waves that give just the right amount of adrenaline. As a beach destination, Dahican Surf Resort passes as an above average beach destination so surf boards aren’t the only way to enjoy it’s pristine waters. The word “Dahican” comes from the word “Dahik” which is a local word used to describe the act of coming in from the sea to nest which perfectly describes surfers coming in after surfing. Serene getaways hide at the end of the long beach in the form of secluded resorts that are perfect for appreciating the views of the sea.

More than just being a beach resort that attracts tourists, Dahican Surf Resort also acts as a shelter for endangered marine turtles under the Republic Act No. 9147. Animal-lovers will be excited to witness sea turtles coming in from the sea and onto the sandy shores.

Photo from Dahican Surf Resort Facebook Page
Photo from Dahican Surf Resort Facebook Page
Photo from Dahican Surf Resort Facebook Page



  • Adults: P100 per person
  • Kids (6-10 yrs): P50 per child


  • Aircon Room: P2,000 per night, good for 2 persons max
  • Aircon Room: P7,000 per night, good for 10 persons max
  • Surf Hut: P2,500 per night, good for 5 persons max
  • Surf Hut: P5,000 per night, good for 10 persons max
  • Big Surf Room: P6,000 per night, good for 12 persons max
  • Tent Rental/ Tent Space: P500 + P300, overnight fee per person

RENTALS AND LESSONS (per hour basis)

  • Surf Lesson: P400, w/ board & instructor
  • Skim Lesson: P250, w/ board & instructor
  • SUP Board and Kayak: P300



Exact Location: Dahican, Mati City, Davao Oriental

BY BUS: Find your way to Ecoland Bus Terminal in Davao City. Ride a bus that’s bound for Mati. Travel time takes around 5-6 hours including all stopovers in bus stops and terminals. Upon arriving in Mati Centennial Transport Terminal Complex, you may hire a habal-habal driver to take you to Dahican Beach.

5. Guyam, Naked, and Daku Islands

Nestled in the pristine waters of the Philippines’ surfing capital are three tropical islands that are frequent destinations visited by guests of Siargao. The three islands are a trio that belong to island hopping tour packages. It is a great alternative activity for those who are out of things to do on the island of Siargao or are just looking to mix the views up a bit. All the islands provide guests with a tropical experience that makes any Siargao getaway infinitely better.

Photo from Lord Byron Facebook Page
Photo from Lord Byron Facebook Page
Photo from Lord Byron Facebook Page



  • ISLAND HOPPING TOUR PACKAGE: P1,000 – P2,000, depending on where you book/ what are included in the package (lunch, entry fees, etc.)
  • HIRE LOCAL BOATS: P1,500 – P2,000, does not include lunch / entry fees


Exact Location: Dahican, Mati City, Davao Oriental

BY BUS: Find your way to Ecoland Bus Terminal in Davao City. Ride a bus that’s bound for Mati. Travel time takes around 5-6 hours including all stopovers in bus stops and terminals. Upon arriving in Mati Centennial Transport Terminal Complex, you may hire a habal-habal driver to take you to Dahican Beach.

6. Magpupungko Rock Pools

The Magpupungko Rock Pools are a great tropical pastime that offers both fun and refreshment to those that visit. With pristine natural pools that glisten blue under the sunlight and the unique views of the crashing waves, it is no wonder that the Magpupungko Rock Pools easily capture everyone’s hearts.

The Magpupungko Rock Pools are a famous day trip attraction that only appears during the low tides. It is a destination that’s perfect for hours of exploring and jumping from the numerous rocks jutting out of the shallow waters. The rock formations stand firm as waves crash onto them and create an oddly satisfying view to enjoy while taking a dip in the rock pools. It is just 45-minute drive away from the main tourist area of General Luna so it’s not too out-of-the-way for those exploring the island of Siargao. It’s not really a full Siargao experience until you’ve visited the enchanting natural pools of the Magpupungko Rock Pools.

Photo by Mitch Sy
Photo by GlennAsia Quijano
Photo by GlennAsia Quijano
Photo from Beging Lakwatsera Facebook Page



  • Entrance Fee: P50 per person
  • Parking Fee: P20


Exact Location: General Luna, Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte

BY PLANE: There are many flights going directly to the island from both Cebu and Manila so getting to Siargao isn’t a big problem. Upon arriving to Siargao, you merely need to ask for directions going to the Magpupungko Rock Pools and the locals will gladly point you to the right place. The path going to the destination is also well-marked so getting lost is the last thing that could happen.

7. Hinatuan Enchanted River

The Hinatuan Enchanted River is one of nature’s many mysteries which makes it all the more charming and interesting to explore. Although it’s barely long enough to be called a river, the enchanted river flows mysteriously with saltwater from nowhere and into the Pacific Ocean.

Mystery isn’t the only thing that attracts tourists to the place. The Hinatuan Enchanted River is also a breathtaking 80-foot deep turquoise beauty with waters that glisten refreshing colors under the sun.

Photo by  ryan redoblado

Whichever reason attracts you to the enchanted river, the pristine and refreshing waters of the enchanted river will undoubtedly bring you the peace and relaxation you’re looking for. In 2017, however, the local government prohibited swimming in the main pool to preserve its natural form but they allowed swimming in another section of the river.



  • Adult: P40 per person
  • Children below 4ft: P5 per child


  • Large Cottage: P200, good for 15 people
  • Small Cottage: P150, good for 6 people


Exact Location: Brgy. Talisay, Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur – 6 to 8 hours by car from Butuan and Davao City

BY VAN/BUS: If you’re coming from Butuan City Domestic Airport, you may ride vans that are bound for Hinatuan and they can drop you off near the Hinatuan Enchanted River signboard. Vans or buses coming from Davao City (Ecoland Bus Terminal) can also drop you off at the same spot. There are habal-habal or motorcycles for hire which can take you as close as they can to Hinatuan Enchanted River.

8. Tinago Falls

Tinago Falls is a breathtaking hidden beauty tucked within a scenic and lush ravine in Iligan City. It serves as both the main attraction of the province and also the source of water of its residents.

Tinago Falls gets its name from the Filipino word meaning “hidden” which refers to the secluded location of the waterfalls. Once uncovered, this gem puts every visitor in awe of its breathtaking views with waters gushing from a height of 240 meters while being surrounded by colossal rock formations covered with the thick of trees and natural foliage. The stunning blue-green basin at the bottom just beckons visitors to swim in its cold and refreshing water. Once in the water, it will surely be hard to get out from the extremely relaxing pools, especially with a lovely view to appreciate at the front.

Photo by Dennis Jaromahum
Photo by Jerico San Andres
Photo by Leah Yntig


Entrance Fee: P50


Exact Location: Brgy. Ditucalan, Iligan City, Lanao del Norte

BY BUS: Find your way to Bulua Bus Terminal in Cagayan de Oro. There are buses in the terminal that could take you directly to Iligan City. Once in the city, there are habal-habal or motorcycles for hire that could take you to the falls.

9. Aliwagwag Falls Ecopark

Aliwagwag Falls is another waterfall spectacle in Mindanao. It is famous for its picturesque 84-tiered falls with more than 130 cascades and staircase-like rock formations. Due to the massive size of this spectacular waterfall, the entire length of cascading waters has been transformed and turned into an ecopark to allow visitors to explore and appreciate the beauty of the waterfalls safely.

The Aliwagwag Falls Ecopark offers a trail for trekking going up and to the left side of the waterfalls. Aside from trekking, a couple of activities are also available for visitors to enjoy and will surely provide both fun and a little bit of adrenaline. The ecopark offers Zipline and a 45-meter long Monkey bridge for the thrill-seekers. Of course, a waterfall is nothing if you don’t experience cool and refreshing waters. The best views of Aliwagwag Falls are best seen while enjoying a leisurely dip in the pristine waters.

Photo by Alan Ipanag
Photo by Jason Hili
Photo by Earl Kristianne Villamor



  • Adult: P50 per person
  • Children below 4ft: P10 per child
  • Table and Chair Rental: P75 to P100 per set


  • Zipline: P200 per person
  • Monkey Bridge: P50 per person


Exact Location: Cateel, Davao Oriental

BY VAN/BUS: Find your way to Ecoland Bus Terminal in Davao City and board a bus that’s bound for Mati City. Upon arriving in Mati City, transfer to a van going to Cateel Town Proper. In downtown Cateel, there are habal-habal or motorcycles for hire which could take you to the nearest landmark to Aliwagwag Falls.

10. Asik-asik Falls

Asik-asik Falls is a majestic sight with streams of water gliding down 60 meters off a high rock wall. The waterfall creates a curtain of water and flora that spans up to 140 meters wide. The name “asik-asik” is translated to English as “sprinkle-sprinkle”, which refers to the sprinkling of water onto the rocks below and flowing into the tribulatory stream of the Alamada River.

Due to the entire raving being covered by lush vegetation – mostly of moss and fern – the source of the waterfall stays as a mystery. There are theories that the water comes from hidden springs hidden deep within the mountain or from an underground river which seeped through the cracks, creating the sprinkles of water.

Photo from Asik-Asik Falls Facebook Page
Photo by Khun Ivan
Photo by @detouristahq



  • Entrance Fee: P30 per person
  • Parking Fee: P10


  • Booking Time: 9AM – 3PM, Weekdays (Pre-booking is required prior to visit)
  • Contact No.: 0961-059-0190


Exact Location: Sitio Dulao, Brgy. Upper Dado, Alamada, North Cotabato

BY JEEPNEY/TRICYCLE: From Libungan Public Market and Terminal, take a jeepney going to Brgy. Upper Dado. Then, hire a motorcycle driver (habal-habal)going to Asik-Asik Falls. Alternatively, you may ride a tricycle bound for Alamada to the motorcycle terminal.

BY VAN/BUS: Find your way to the Ecoland Bus Terminal, G-Mall, or SM Davao and ride a bus or van (G-mall/SM) that’s bound for Cotabato. Ask the driver/conductor to drop you off at Libungan, at a junction leading to Alamada. Inform the driver ahead of time that you’re on your way to Asik-Asik Falls. Upon arriving at the junction, just ride a habal-habal/motorcycle to the falls.

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