Palawan is home to many beautiful islands surrounded by sparkling blue waters inhabited by a diverse marine life. However, the Philippines still has a lot to offer and one of them are the collective islands of the province of Dinagat Islands.

Dinagat Islands is located in the Caraga region on the south side of the Leyte Gulf. This province used to be a part of the First District of Surigao Del Norte province, until December 2, 2006 when it was declared an independent province by then president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, making it the 2nd newest province next to Davao Occidental which became its own province in 2013. Its main island is the Dinagat Island and the entire province has a rich history, with archeologists considering it to be the holiest site in the Philippines before the Spanish came and spread Christianity. While having a rich history, it also has very beautiful sceneries as its islands are gorgeous and their water is outstanding, perhaps even of equal footing to that of Palawan.

Let’s take a look at Dinagat Islands’ many attractions and be amazed at how it looks. You might even make up your mind of going there yourself and tagging along some friends.

1. Pangabangan Tidal Pool

This is one of the most beautiful natural pools in the Philippines. It is a deep tidal pool and is surrounded by rock formations and luscious green trees. The scenery is absolutely stunning and stellar like from a fantasy world.

Photo by Gil Lian

2. Kisses Islets

Shaped like Hershey’s chocolate Kisses, there are a lot of tiny islands spread around the open waters of Dinagat Island. They are scenic to look at as the view is iconic and incredible, it’d feel like you’re in the Carribean.

Photos from Vigattin Tourism

3. Little Hagakhak

A rocky island in the seas of Dinagat Island, Little Hagakhak is a well-known attraction due to its unique rock formations. Stepping on the island and looking around is an experience to be had as it’d make you feel like you’re on a different planet.

Photo by Mark Devon Lopez

4. Isla Aga

An island located on the offshores of the town of Basilia, it is famous for its hanging bridge over the blue waters held together by unique rock formations and full of rich greens.

Photo by Gil Lian
Photo by Gil Lian
Photo by Gil Lian

5. Bababu Lake

A lake found in the middle of the wild, Bababu Lake looks like a scene from another world or a dream. The lake has pretty blue waters and once you are there, you can really feel being embraced by nature all around.

Photo by Gil Lian
Photo by Gil Lian
Photo by Gil Lian

6. Bitaog Beach

Bitaog Beach is a beautiful and unspoiled white sand beach found in Unib Island. Much like a sanctuary, it feels very secluded and hidden away from the public eye. This is another wonderful scenery you can find in Dinagat Islands.

Photo by Jason Hili

7. Duyos Beach

A long white beach full of life and freedom, Duyos Beach is an attraction that many would go to because of how captivating it is. Along with some people having fun at the beach, it is vibrant with activities for you to enjoy along with.

Photo by JR Flores

Itinerary for Dinagat Islands

This proposed itinerary by Katherine Cortes from Taralets Anywhere gives a great tour around the province’s attractions. In this proposed itinerary which is good for 2 days, it can take you to most of the attractions without you feeling like you have missed out a lot.

Day 1 – Libjo Tour

  • Pangabangan Tidal Pool
  • Punta Villa Resort
  • Punta Buena Suerte
  • Isla Aga
  • Kisses Islet
  • (Optional) Little Hagakhak Island/Hagakhak Rock Formation

Day 2 – Basilisa Tour

  • Jelmar’s Beach Resort
  • Bababu Beach and Bababu Lake
  • Bitaog Beach
  • Duyos Beach
  • Pagkawasan Beach
  • (Optional) Cabacungan Cove, Biray-Biray Island

Of course, you can experiment with it if you want to go somewhere specific or someplace new and undiscovered, so it is all up to you. Although if you have applied for a tour package, the itinerary might be covered by them so be sure to communicate with them on what you want to see.

How To Get There?

Book a flight to Surigao Airport and head for the Surigao Port. From Surigao Port (aka Pantalan Dos Port), ride a passenger boat en route to San Jose (P120 per person, 1.5-2 hours). The earliest schedule is 5AM and the latest boat going back to the city is at 3PM. Make sure that you’re getting on a ferry to San Jose instead of Dinagat, which refers to another town. (Details taken from Taralets Anywhere)

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