There are still over 5,000 islands in the Philippines that are uninhabited. From tiny islets to sizeable islands, each one holds its own wonders to unravel.

Discover a whole new tropical island paradise in Concepcion, Iloilo! This mostly uninhabited island features a combination of sandbar, forest, and hilly terrain that come together for scenic views and an exotic atmosphere. 

Meet Agho Island.

Agho Island is a haven recognized for its signature curved beach sandbar, which is a wide stretch of white sand connected to the quiet and untouched island. 

The island itself is only 8 hectares wide and most of it is untouched forest, giving it this mysterious beauty and untamed feel to it. 

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Tropical birds, notably sea hawks and Tabon birds, have made Agho Island their home. Clean forests and the lack of human interference have helped make this a safe space for wildlife. However, this island is best known for its wide beach.

Agho Beach has an idyllic stay ready for guests and visitors in the wide sandbar. It features simple accommodation that fits in really well with the uninhabited island. White sand gives way to crystal clear waters and the views of the surrounding Concepcion Islands. The lush greenery, the sand, and the scenery combine to make it a true tropical haven!

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Aside from the beach and the local avian wildlife, there is more to discover in Agho Island.

One, there is a hill on the eastern bulk of the island with a great view of the sea. Right below this hill is a cliff and rock formations that one should definitely see! And two, visitors can also snorkel in the clear blue waters and discover a sprawling coral garden and colorful marine life.

Agho Island is a perfect example of nature’s beauty when humans don’t interfere. It serves as a reminder for us that great sights and experiences await us when we keep our environment clean and healthy.


Day use:

  • Environmental fee: ₱20
  • Entrance fee: ₱30
  • Day cottages: ₱500 each

Room rates:

  • Overnight accommodation is available starting at ₱1,500

Other information

Contact Numbers:

  • Agho Beach: 0907-144-5877; 0946-922-9115 
  • Concepcion Tourism Office: 0965-379-6716; 0948-114-5178




Exact location: Agho Island, Concepcion, Iloilo

BY BOAT: Find your way to Concepcion and head over to the Concepcion Tourism Office. From here, you can arrange boat rides to take you to and from Agho Island. This is the best option if you don’t already have a suki.

Locating Concepcion Tourism Office: In the island of Panay, navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Concepcion Tourism Office”.

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