Sarangani, a province down south of Mindanao is blessed to house numerous white sand beaches that jeweled the region’s coastlines. It can be likened to the shores of Boracay and some favorite destinations in Cebu and the Visayas.

Isla Jardin Del Mar in the town of Glan, Sarangani Province gives us a therapeutic experience with nature. The beach is calling to give us the power up we have yearned for so long. But even if the province is clad with stunning beaches that you can choose from, this resort still stands out from the rest.

Its 750-meter stretch of white sand beach can surely satiate your sandy toes and sun-kissed skins cravings. It has always amazed its guests since its opening last 2010 with nothing but an unspoiled beauty of nature.

Isla Jardin Del Mar literally means “Island Garden of the Sea” in Spanish. True to its name, the resort indeed flaunts a garden-like feels as you stroll around the area.

Isla Jardin del Mar looks like a “peninsula connected to a small island… with the cottages and a restaurant floating over two separate white sand bars. The pinkish white shoreline stretches and curves 750 meters, which gives one an impression that the beachfront is part of a small island”.- Sarangani Provincial Office Press Release

Other than the captivating allure of its beachfront area glistening in white sand and azure blue waters, the accommodation that this place can offer also makes this a superior spot than the resorts along the Gumasa area. It can cater a number of guests who’d like to spend here for a night or two or until you feel like you have already regained the energy you needed.

You can choose from a variety of rooms – from their air-conditioned suite rooms, deluxe rooms (duplex and single native bamboo cottages on stilts) that are either air-conditioned or fan-cooled, to their open-type cottages. You won’t have a hard time deciding since each room type is designed to fit you and your company’s specific room preferences.

Up for some adventure? The resort dares all who want a pump of adrenaline to try their different sports activities. The wide and open sea is your playground so let lose of yourself and feel the thrill. They also have sports amenities like beach volleyball courts, snorkeling, banana boating, and diving equipment among others to elevate the fun.

Of course, Isla Jardin Del Mar won’t leave you hungry. You can bring with you your food and eat to your heart’s content but the place also has a fully-functioning restaurant that serves various meals any time during the day and earlier at night (closes at 10PM).

What else would you ask for? A pavilion? They got that too so you can have a larger space for larger gatherings.



  • Entrance fee: P70 (adult); P30 (4-12 y/o); P40 (senior citizens)
  • Opening hours: 8AM – 4PM


  • Entrance fee: P100 (adult); P50 (4-12 y/o); P40 (senior citizens)
  • Opening hours: 5PM – 7AM


  • Front Row Cottages
    • Day Tour: P700 (lean season); P800 (peak season)
    • Night Tour: P900 (lean season); P1000 (peak season)
  • Back Row Cottages
    • Day Tour: P500 (lean season); P600 (peak season)
    • Night Tour: P700 (lean season); P800 (peak season)


  • Deluxe Fan Villas: P1,800 (lean season); P2,000 (peak season)
  • Deluxe Aircon Villas: P2,500 (lean season); P3,000 (peak season)
  • Duplex Family Suites: P3,000 (lean season); P3,500 (peak season)
  • Triplex Family Suites: P3,000 (lean season); P3,500 (peak season)
  • Talisay Family Suites: P3,500 (lean season); P4,000 (peak season)
  • Narra Presidential Suites: P5,000 (lean season); P5,500 (peak season)

Inclusions: Free breakfast for two and complimentary welcome drinks for all room types


  • Band Wagon: P1,800 per 15-minutes ride
  • Flying Fish: P1,800 per 15-minutes ride
  • Banana Boat: P2,000 per 15-minutes ride
  • Disco Boat: P2,000 per 15-minutes ride
  • Water Bike: P300 per 30-minutes ride
  • Pedal Boat: P500 per 30-minutes ride



Exact location: Sitio Manando, Brgy. Gumasa, Glan, Sarangani Province, Mindanao

BY COMMUTE: From General Santos City, take a UV Express van to Glan from KCC Transport Terminal (P80, around 1-hour travel time.) Then hire a tricycle or habal-habal to take you to Gumasa (around P150, 20 min). Alternatively, you can also start from Davao. From Davao International Airport, take a taxi to Ecoland Bus Terminal. Ride a bus bound for General Santos City. Fare is around P250 and travel time is around 3 to 4 hours.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Isla Jardin Del Mar” in Sarangani. Parking space is available.

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