Captivating mountain views await those who climb the peaks of La Palmera Mountain Ridge.

Photo by Raz Garcia

Those who reach the peak revel in the peace and serenity of the mountains accompanied by the soothing winds blowing from every direction. The colossal mountain ranges extend to every direction and are so high that they cover the views of the horizon.

La Palmera Mountain Ridge is a blanket of green draped over the landscapes of Sultan Kudarat.  The name “La Palmera” was named after the palm plantations that serve as a form of livelihood for those that live in the landlocked region.

The mountain range of La Palmera is already unique in itself because it has two seasons that offer different views, so the views may change depending on when people visit. There is the green season where cogon grasses are fresh and spread green all over the mountains and then there is the brown season when the luscious grasses start to wither.


To the local officials and the residents of Columbio, the presence of tourists in La Palmera Mountain Range is their proof of how much the peace and order situation in the area has improved. It used to be a really dangerous place occupied by bandits in hiding but with the help of cooperatives and Landbank, the local government was able to provide livelihood through palm plantations.  


More than just being a tourism spectacle, La Palmera Mountain Ridge provides employment to the indigenous people of the B’laan Tribe. Scattered all over the municipality of Columbio are 800 “skylab” drivers – who ferry visitors that don’t have vehicles.

La Palmera Mountain Ridge reopened last September 1, 2020 to boost the economy of the municipality and help the residents of Columbio get back on their feet from the effects of the pandemic. To control the number of tourists, only 300 visitors are allowed per day through a booking system. COVID-19 health protocols are also strictly implemented to keep not only the tourists safe but the locals as well.

The mountain ranges of La Palmera is one of the best ways to experience the grandness of nature in Mindanao and in the Philippines. What better way to appreciate our nature-blessed country than by exploring its wonders with our own feet.



  • Environmental Fee: P50 per person



Exact location: Brgy. Sucob, Columbio, Sultan Kudarat, Mindanao

BY MOTORCYCLE: The best way to get to La Palmera Mountain Ridge is by hailing a habal-habal or motorcycle driver from Marbel 1 Elementary School from Koronadal City. The ride takes about an hour from Koronadal to Columbio and costs about P150.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “La Palmera Mountain Ridge” in Sultan Kudarat. Parking space is available upon arrival.

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