Waterfalls are a common yet beautiful sight in the tropical islands of the Philippines each with different attributes and unique properties that make them stand out from the others. However, if you’ve been to several waterfalls already, chances are that you might feel like all these waterfalls are a bit the same. It may occur to some people that waterfalls are just water falling from a high point into a body of water and may not excite them anymore. If you’re feeling the burnout from waterfalls, then you might not have visited yet Lake Sebu’s 7 magnificent falls in South Cotabato.

Lake Sebu is a natural lake found in South Cotabato and has ancestral importance for the T’boli and Ubo tribes that have been dwelling in the area. It has been recognized as one of the most important watersheds within the Philippines and thus is given extra care and attention. The lake is very serene and majestic, and it is an amazing scenery that the Department of Tourism promoted the lake as one of the prime eco-tourism destinations in the municipality. The lake has so much to offer, even more so that it presented to us seven falls.

Photo by Rodrigo C. Yap

The seven falls’ main attraction is its zipline which takes you over the rainforest overhead the entire seven levels of the falls. It is said to be one of the tallest ziplines in Asia and is a must experience if you really want to cross out taking a zipline in your bucket list, as the zipline of the seven falls is magnificent and breathtaking. Imagine soaring through the sky as you view below you the seven falls running through the rainforest. If you want to, you can also view the falls in front of you as they are a majestic sight.

Photo by @byahenibran via Instagram

The seven falls are as follows:

  • Falls 1: Hikong Alo
Photo by Rodrigo C. Yap
  • Falls 2: Hikong Bente
Photo by Rodrigo C. Yap
  • Falls 3: Hikong B’Lebel
Photo by Nathan Tresvalles Ali
  • Falls 4: Hikong Lowig
Photo by Rodrigo C. Yap
  • Falls 5: Hikong K’Fo-I
  • Falls 6: Hikong Ukol
Photo by Dodong Usyot
  • Falls 7: Hikong Tonok
Photo by Dodong Usyot

Day Use: N/A

Fees and Other Information:

  • Seven Falls Zipline: P250 (weekday)/P300 (weekends and holidays)
  • There are many resorts within the area (e.g. Punta Isla Resort, Estares Resort, Merl Garden Spring Resort, Tonez Farm Resort and Artacho Resort)

How To Get There:

Book a flight to General Santos. From there, make your way to Bulaong Bus Terminal and board a bus going to Marbel (P83). Take a van to Lake Sebu (P75) and then a habal-habal to 7 Falls (P50).

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