The world is noisy enough as it is so there’s really no need for you to add more to it.

Luckily for Manila, vehicles and motorcycles with loud or modified exhausts beware are now illegal. Yes, an ‘Anti-Muffler’ ordinance was signed into Law banning noisy exhausts forever and can I just wish for this to happen in Cebu too?

There are just too many of these over-the-top noises we here in the roads of Cebu and this ordinance is giving us hope that this will be implemented nationwide.

Photo from by Iwona Castiello d’Antonio

Ordinance No. 8722: Motor Vehicles Modified Muffler Noise Regulation Ordinance

This ordinance seeks to regulate the use of modified muffler/exhaust pipes and similar devices on all types of vehicles.

It doesn’t matter if its public or private, all motor vehicles, are prohibited to have modified/loud exhausts that emit and produce noise levels beyond the national standard of 99 decibels (dB).

Just imagine that this sound is higher than a food blender at 88dB and lower than an auto horn at 1 meter with 110dB.

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In case of violation:

  1. Violators driver’s licenses are confiscated by the deputized enforcement officers
  2. You will be issued a five-day temporary permit
  3. Settle the fines.


  • First offense – P1,000 (removal of vehicle’s modified muffler or exhaust pipe)
  • second offense – P3,000 (removal of vehicle’s modified muffler or exhaust pipe)
  • third offense – P5,000 (removal of vehicle’s modified muffler or exhaust pipe)
  • Pass a second noise-level test with the vehicle in question
  • License will be returned

In case of failure during second noise-level test, the vehicle will undergo necessary repairs overseen by the city government with repair costs shouldered by the violator.

Ordinance exemptions:

  • vehicles designed for car shows, use in racing/motorsport competitions, motor shows
  • motorcycles with engines over 400cc and above

Noise pollution is a serious problem here in the Philippines and a very neglected one too. Hopefully this will be the start of better awareness to this problem.

Photo from by Ralfs Blumbergs

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