Hello everyone, here are the current updates of LTO regarding their issuance of the 10-year validity of driver’s license. 

On the 28th of October – LTO started its rollout for the new driver’s license in Quezon City, central office licensing center, though it was kept limited for the time being.

Photo from lto.gov.ph

And as of November 3, it will begin its expanded issuance that will cover all LTO offices in the Capital Region. This also means that drivers from Metro Manila with no violations are eligible for 10-year valid license, whereas the ones who does have violations, are currently only eligible for 5-year valid licenses.

Drivers who wish to renew their license are required to take ‘Comprehensive Driver’s Education’, it’s a refresher test for all about road etiquette, signs and symbols of traffic, traffic rules and regulations. A certificate of completion will be handed, this certification will be a requirement for the 10-year driver’s license.

Photo from unsplash.com by Sandy Ravaloniaina

The CDE test is also for motorist, should they possess a violation of traffic rules, they are required to undergo additional reviewers of CDEP.

These are the statement in regarding of LTO’s announcements as of yet.

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