Negrenses have a new way to allow locals and visitors of the town to enjoy and experience the stories, cultures, and heritage of Negros Occidental in the form of a theme park named Magikland.

Magikland is the first Negrense-made and inspired outdoor theme park in the Negros Island. It is a one stop entertainment destination with 12 exciting rides that offer 12 exciting ways to have fun in Negros Occidental.

The entire theme park consists of small and big rides, colorful attractions, kids’ play facilities and edutainment (education and entertainment), games, galleries, cultural exhibitions, and events. 

Exciting rides at Magikland:

  • Silay Eye (Ferris Wheel)
  • Crazy Trail
  • Family Swinger
  • Sky Tower
  • Disk’o
  • Fantasy Carousel
  • Crazy Surf
  • Magik Bike
  • Magikland Express
  • Smashers (Bumper Cars)
  • Mt. Kanlaon (Kiddie Ride)
  • Happy Swing

Being more than just a theme park, this lively attraction actually serves a deeper purpose. The themes and storylines throughout the park highlight local stories, culture, and history, showcasing structures and decor inspired by local cultural heritage and folklore.

The themes of Magikland are based on local folklore and legends, specifically adapting the legend of the Bakunawa, the moon eating dragon. Not only can guests experience thrilling rides but they also get to know and appreciate the culture and stories of Negros Occidental.

The magical theme park of Magikland has already been drawing thousands of people to its unique themes and rides already since its opening last October 2019. It even has the potential to attract not only locals and Filipinos but people from other countries as well as it reopened its doors since January 2021.

Magikland is proof that Negrenses have more to offer than just sweets, good food, and rich history.


Park Rates

  • Opening hours: 12NN to 7PM, Fridays to Sundays (amid community quarantine)
  • Park Entrance Only: P150 per person
  • Park Admission: P250 per person, Park Entrance + Shows
  • All You Can Ride: P520 per person, Admission + Shows + All-you-can-ride


  • Silay Eye (Ferris Wheel): P100
  • Crazy Trail: P100
  • Family Swinger: P80
  • Sky Tower: P100
  • Disk’o: P100
  • Fantasy Carousel: P50
  • Crazy Surf: P80
  • Magik Bike: P50
  • Magikland Express: P50
  • Smashers (Bumper Cars): P100
  • Mt. Kanlaon (Kiddie Ride): P50
  • Happy Swing: P50


  • Ring toss: P100 per 10 rings
  • Hangman: P150 per try
  • Poperoo: P50 per dart
  • Unball: P50 per ball
  • Archery: P50 per try
  • Goblets: P50 per 2 balls
  • Basketball: P100 per 2 balls


  • Kid: P80 per 40 minutes
  • Guardian: P20 per 40 minutes



Exact location: Consolacion Rd., Carmela Valley Homes, Brgy. Guinhalaran, Silay City, Negros Occidental, Visayas


  • Take a plane to Bacolod-Silay International Airport. This is located in Barangay Bagtic, Silay City, Negros Occidental.
  • VIA TRICYCLE AND JEEPNEY: Go directly outside of the airport’s main gate where the public tricycles are situated. You may opt to take the tricycle to Magikland or take the tricycle to Silay highway. From Silay highway, you may take another tricycle ride (white tricycles) to Magikland. Or take a Bacolod-bound PUJ or bus then inform the driver to drop you off at Bangga Carmela, Brgy. Guinhalaran. From the main road, you can either walk up to Magikland with an approximately 1km distance or take a pedicap, E-bike or tricycle.
  • VIA TAXI OR CAR: If coming from Bacolod-Silay airport, drive straight until you reach Corner Rizal & JP Ledesma Streets, Silay City, 6116 Negros Occidental (BPI Silay branch) intersection then turn left. Take the Silay highway up to Bangga Carmela, Brgy. Guinhalaran, then turn left. Magikland is found in front of Carmela Subdivision.


  • BY JEEPNEY: Take a tricycle or E-bike to Gatuslao Street. Then take either Bata or Mandalagan jeepney up to North Bus. Take a PUJ or bus up to Brgy. Guinhalaran, Silay City. Tell the driver to drop you off at Bangga Carmela, Brgy. Guinhalaran, Silay City. You can either walk up to Magikland with an approximately 1km distance or take a pedicap, E-bike or tricycle.
  • BY CAR OR TAXI: If coming from BREDCO seaport, take Lacson Street highway up to Bangga Carmela, Brgy. Guinhalaran, Silay City then turn right. You’ll see Magikland on the right side.


  • BY JEEPNEY: Take a public utility vehicle from North Terminal. Drop off to Bangga Carmela (in Brgy. Guinhalaran, Silay City). You can either walk up to Magikland with an approximately 1km distance or take a pedicap, E-bike or tricycle.
    • Ayala Malls Capitol Central in front of Fiesta market
    • SM Bacolod North Wing beside SM Department Store in front of Manokan Country
    • Shuttle starts at 1:30 pm then picks up guests from time to time.
  • BY CAR OR TAXI: Take Lacson Street highway up to Brgy. Guinhalaran, Silay City. Then turn right to Carmella Subdivision. You’ll see Magikland in front of it.

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