Waterfalls and springs just a few walks away from your doorstep at Mailum Falls and Spring Resort.

Mailum Falls and Spring Resort is an ecopark and mountain resort nestled in the nature-filled town of Bago City – just 30 minutes away from the City of Smiles, Bacolod City. It is a hidden gem within the city that proves quite a challenge in terms of accessibility but it wouldn’t be much of a hidden gem if it was easily found by anyone. Despite the challenge in locating the resort, it possesses a bounty of natural wonders that are more than worth the trouble to anyone that discovers it.

Photo from Wandering Tita Facebook Page
Photo from Wandering Tita Facebook Page
Photo from Wandering Tita Facebook Page

The ecopark and mountain resort is a nature destination with views and facilities that allow guests to relax their bodies and free their minds from stress by being one with nature. Set amidst the lush foliage that provides an experience with nature, every corner captures perfectly the kind of beauty that people would expect from a natural attraction. It grows abundant with plants, trees, and other flora that cover the outcrops of rocks and the ground, filling the resort with life and natural energy.

This scenic destination of rocks, wood, and nature brings peace of mind to every guest and gives them back the youth they lost due to the stresses of the city life. The life emanating from the lush trees rejuvenates the soul and the charming sight of miniature falls with waters cascading from the top and into the water basins below allows guests to meditate and ruminate on the beauty of life.

Photo from Wandering Tita Facebook Page
Photo from Wandering Tita Facebook Page
Photo from Wandering Tita Facebook Page

Aside from lovely waterfalls, refreshing springs with pristine and cool waters await guests who want to freshen up and escape the heat. As people bathe in the fresh water of the springs, they could listen to the song of nature playing in the background – the tweet of birds in the air, the rustle of leaves, and the subtle gush of water.

The resort is clearly abundant with scenic mini-waterfalls and refreshing springs. All of these bodies of water are very accessible to guests and are very much available for swimming. Some of the springs even create lovely infinity pools that display a panorama of the luscious nature surrounding the resort. Moreover, just beyond the falls and the springs, Mailum Falls and Spring Resort has viewing decks where visitors are able to witness verdant views of the mountain ranges of Bago City in the distance.

Photo from Wandering Tita Facebook Page
Photo from Wandering Tita Facebook Page

If it’s a nature trip you want then Mailum Falls and Spring Resort provides guests with the best experience of nature in Bago City.



  • Entrance Fee: P150 per person
  • Poolside Tables: P1,200, good for 6 persons


  • Overnight Stay: P4,500 – P5,500 per night, good for 4-5 persons
  • Extra Persons: P500 per head
  • Kitchen Rental: P1,000 per day



Exact location: Sitio Pataan, Brgy. Mailum, Bago City

BY BUS: Almost all public transport coming from Bacolod going to the southern parts of Negros Occidental pass by Bago City. Ride any bus in Bacolod City that’s bound for the south and ask the driver to drop you off at Bago City. From there, you may ask the locals for directions going to Mailum Falls and Spring Resort since it is famous among the locals.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Mailum Falls Ecopark and Mountain Resort”. Parking space is available upon arrival.

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