Tucked in the deepest parts by the boundary of Iligan City and Talakag, Bukidnon is a jewel so hidden that only a few know of its existence. It goes by many names, differing depending on which town you ask.

Locals of Iligan call it Limunsudan Falls while locals of Bukidnon call it Mindamora Falls. In spite of having many names, there is only one thing that stays the same for this gem – it is one of the grandest and most beautiful waterfalls to exist in the country.

Photo from Region 10,Philippines-Northern Mindanao Region


Limunsudan Falls is a two-tiered waterfall and is considered as the second highest waterfall in the country, coming second to Aliwagwag Falls in Cateel, Davao Oriental, but the facts are still being debated. As a two-tiered waterfall, it stands as the highest with an astounding height of 870 feet. Despite its unmatched beauty and outstanding features, the falls still lacks recognition both locally and internationally due to a number of factors.

One of the biggest factors is that it is hard to access, with tourists having to trek deep into the forest to be able to find it. With inaccessibility comes the second factor, which is lack of information. Even in Iligan City itself, the name of the falls is not familiar to them which makes it even harder to track down.

Photo by Cc Chyn Violet


Limunsudan Falls may as well be one of the most hidden gems in the country but nothing beats its grand and breathtaking beauty. First of all, the falls are surrounded by lush, thick forests that thrive with undiscovered life and various flora. Trekkers and visitors to the falls will have to traverse jungles just to be able to reach their destination.

Photo by Cc Chyn Violet
Photo by Cc Chyn Violet

To those who are able to witness the beauty of the falls, they claim it to resemble that of an enchanted forest with unknown creatures and wonders protecting it. It is the beauty of nature in its rawest form with untouched lands and an unadulterated beauty. Its beauty has a kind of magic that overwhelms the emotions and sends a different kind of excitement at the first glimpse.

Before getting to the falls, tourists and visitors have to pass through a small community and ask for permission from the community leader. The community leader then performs a ritual before setting off to the waterfalls for protection and guidance on the way. The community leaders will also be the one to guide you so a small donation would be more than enough as a form of gratitude. Upon arriving at the viewpoint, a second and final ritual will be done.

The waterfall is being fed by the abundant lush from the highlands of Bukidnon and Lanao Del Sur. It serves as one of the exit waterways of Lake Lanao. At a closer look, the waterfall seems even grander than it looks in person than in pictures. A strong gush of current falls from the top and falls as a narrow stream of water to the basin below. Unfortunately, despite having such inviting and refreshing waters, visitors can only stand in awe and not experience the water due to the water having extremely strong and dangerous currents.

Photo by Cc Chyn Violet
Photo by Cc Chyn Violet


Exact location: Sitio Limunsudan, Brgy. Rogongon, Iligan City / Lantud, Talakag, Bukidnon, Mindanao

You can ride a van from Cagayan de Oro going to Talakag Bukidnon. Travel time takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour. Upon arrival at the town proper, look for a habal-habal ride going to Limunsudan Falls. From the jump off point, trek for 10-15 minutes until you see the view deck with a view of the whole waterfalls. If you trek deeper for an hour, you can have a view of the bottom stream of the waterfall.

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