Discovered or more like rediscovered as this particular butterly subspecies have been mistaken to be something else back in 2012.

Appias phoebe nuydai, a new butterfly subspecies that can be found in Mt. Talinis, Negros Oriental.
The subspecies was discovered by Sillimanian biologist Dr. Jade Aster T. Badon.

The butterfly was named “A.p. nuydai” from the name of the Filipino painter, lepidopterist (a person who studies butterflies and moths) and naturalist Justin S. Nuyda. The painter Nuyda was the pioneer for butterfly studies in our country.

A p. nuydai’s Habitat

A p. nuydai ’s only known habitat and where it was discovered is in Mount Talinis. A complex volcano but also a key biodiversity area in the southern part of Negros Island. 

The butterflies stay here as they like the cool altitudes of mountain peaks.

The A.p nuydai was discovered back in 2012 but had its identity mistaken as such of the butterfly subspecies A. p. Montana. It was researcher and lepidopterist, Jade Badon who discovered it and misidentified it but it was also him who realized in 2019 that it was a totally different one.

Photo from Dr. Jade Aster T. Badon’s Facebook

A.p nuydai VS A.p montana

While browsing his book, he noticed that the butterfly wings are somewhat different and immediately did research on the existing list of butterfly species but found no match.

  • A.p montana– circular forewing underside cell end spot
  • A.p nyudai– Funnel-shaped forewing underside cell end spot

It is said that climate change may threaten the habitat of these high elevation butterflies as their environment goes warmer. Let us do our parts even in the smallest things to help reduce climate change.

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