Need a million? Easy. Get married.

This advice would have been a crazy thing to say as everyone knows that a wedding is very expensive and wallet draining if not for the viral post of a couple draped in thousands of 1-thousand-peso bill.

And when I mean draped, I mean like flowing from the top of their shoulders down to the floor and extending like a veil.

Photo by Makeup By Edward Pascual

The newly-wed couple Mr. and Mrs. Combalicer from Infanta Quezon Province have reportedly received a total of and brace yourself, P1.6 million pesos during their money dance.

The highlight of the wedding dance was when Lola Deling, the bride’s grandmother, rolled up a suitcase and with the help of a few wedding guests spread out a neatly filed and custom-made coat of 1-thousand-peso bill.

A video shared showed the unforgettable moment and the shock of everyone in the reception including the host. When the host asked, how much was the bills being dressed on the couple. It was revealed to be worth P1 million pesos.

Photo from Al Mortiz Facebook Post

The money in the prosperity dance is called the “gala” and Lola Deling have given 1 Million for each sibling that have gotten married according to the post of the bride’s cousins and have now given 3 Million in total.

A cousin also explained that it is not bragging but a happiness for Lola Deling to give something to her grandchildren.

Certainly, a grandchild’s wedding is something for a grandmother to celebrate and we are all just here praying and hoping that we’ll have someone as generous as Lola Deling to attend our wedding too.

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