Pujada Island is a 156-hectare island located in Pujada Bay in Mati City, Davao Oriental. Pujada Bay has recently been named as one of the world’s most beautiful bays, a prestigious award given by the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Association (MBBWA). The bay is a part of the Philippine Sea, facing the Pacific Ocean.

It is made more stunning with deep green mountain ranges as its backdrop, with white powdery sand beaches, and the blue waters perfectly blending with each other. The bay has 4 main island attractions: the vanishing islets of Oak and Ivy (white sandbars that appear on low tides only), the island of Waniban, and the biggest island which is Pujada Island.

Photo by Ken Onozawa
Photo by Jurmaine Dupri
Photo by Jurmaine Dupri
Photo by Jurmaine Dupri

Pujada Island is the pure definition of pristine. It was just recently that Pujada Island was developed, with a few cottages here and there. But a few years ago, there was not even a single cottage in sight. The island is famous for having very fine white sand and crystal-clear waters with varying hues of blue. The island is well maintained and clean. Another plus point is the fact that it is not overcrowded with tourists, so you can enjoy some privacy in the island.

There are many ways to get to Pujada Island. A lot of the resorts in Dahican Beach in Mati City offer day tours to Pujada. You can also hire local boatmen to experience the 4 islands in Pujada Bay (Oak, Ivy, Waniban, and Pujada).  We recommend that you bring your own food and drinks because there are only a few stores in the island.

Photo by Alan Ipanag
Photo by Lei Dultra
Photo by Alan Ipanag


Day use:

  • Entrance & environmental fee: P50 per head; Free (children 3 feet and below)

Cottage fees:

  • Kiosk: P500 – P3,000 (depending on size)
  • Tables & chairs only: P200 (1 table and 4 chairs)

Other information:

  • Here are some tour provides you can contact if you’re planning to go to Pujada Island:
    • La-Ne’s Kalapayahan Beach Resort
      • Round trip boat fare: P5,000 (good for 20 persons; excludes entrance)
      • Additional P250 per extra person (max limit is 30 persons)
      • Contact number: 0943-460-4612 / 0912-632-0329
      • Location: Dahican Beach, Mati City
    • Local boatmen in the port of Barangay Tamisan, Mati City
      • Roundtrip boat fare: P1,000 – P3,000 (depending on the number of tourists)
      • Prices are not really fixed so you can still negotiate.


Exact location: Mati City, Davao Oriental

By bus or van: From Davao City, take a bus or van bound for Mati City (Ecoland Bus Terminal or at the Gaisano Van Terminal). Fare is around P200-P250 and travel time takes around 4-6 hours. Upon arrival at Mati City, you can either go to Dahican Beach (Barangay Dahican) and check out the resorts that provide tours to Pujada Island or you can head to Barangay Tamisan’s port and transact with local boatmen. To get to Barangay Tamisan, hire a habal-habal from Mati City’s terminal. Fare is around P100. To get to Dahican Beach, ride a tricycle to Dahican Beach with fare around P40-P100.  

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