On the 4th of November, Provincial Government of Bohol Arts and Cultural Heritage posted on their official Facebook Page, a photo of what seems to be their latest project, that will soon be erect on Tagbilaran’s iconic and natural Mt. Banat-i.

The post shares their thoughts by celebrating the 125th birthday of the former 8th President of the Philippines, President Carlos P. Garcia – born on the 4th of November 1896 in Talibon, a province in Bohol.

In continuation to PGBh’s statement, they held a ceremony in the afternoon as a public reveals for their upcoming landmark project in Mt. Banat-i, a partnered project of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, Regional Development Council, and the Provincial Government of Bohol.

Photo from boholislandnews.com
Photo from Vismin.ph Facebook Page provided by PGBh Bohol Arts and Cultural Heritage Council

It sparked an online backlash from netizens as they voiced their opinions to the matter where they wish to preserve the natural and untouched resources of Mt. Banat-i. Some would even suggest working on projects that will continue to benefit Bohol’s natural resource’s side, more. Bohol is a beautiful province – filled with history, lush rainforests, beautiful marine environment, it’s one of a kind!

Not much has been said in regards to the actual development of the site to the Regional Cultural Hub, but we do know that they have plans to establish a landmark in the coming year.

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