Despite having a lot of attractions, Leyte rarely gets mentioned when talking about the Philippines’ greatest destinations when in fact, it has several that can take your breath away.

Now, we are taking a look at something that even the Vice Mayor of Ormoc Richard Gomez thought of being a potential tourist attraction: the Tres Aguas Falls.

The Tres Aguas Falls is a waterfall in Ormoc that can be visited if you are hiking to the Alto Peak, said to be the highest peak in Eastern Visayas. Like a relaxing shower inside a chill pool, Tres Aguas Falls delivers a comforting feeling as you take a dip in and put your body against the falls. Let the water rush through your body to give yourself a natural massage through the falls. There might be plans on making this place a destination, but nothing has been said so far on what’s in store for it.

The falls can also deliver a great picture with the right angles. If you are planning on coming here and you are not sure where to go, especially since the falls do not get that much attention yet, do not hesitate to get a guide to lead you here. Bring along some friends and have fun together showering under the falls.

Photo by Tribu Halhal & Friends
Photo by Tribu Halhal & Friends

Rates & Other Information

Other Information:

  • Get a guide if you are not sure where it is.
  • There is said to be an entrance fee here, so prepare ahead of time.

How To Get There:

Exact Location: Tres Aguas Falls: Brgy. Cabintan Ormoc City, Visayas

If you are outside Leyte, book a flight to Tacloban City and take a ride going to Tacloban North Bus Terminal and look for a van going to Ormoc City. Upon arriving, ask around the locals for a public vehicle going to Brgy. Cabintan and from there ask for a guide to lead you to the destination.

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