There’s a piece of heaven underneath the waters of Sarangani – colorful, alive, vibrant.

Tuka Marine Park in Kiamba, Sarangani is a true marvel for everyone who finds joy in exploring the life underneath the seas. It is a marine sanctuary that boasts colorful and rich marine biodiversity that has been thriving for years through the protection and conservation efforts of the community surrounding it.

The town of Kiamba is already a haven of unforgettable and worthwhile experiences, in fact, it is known to be the paradise of the province. But Tuka Marine Park stands out from the rest, wowing every single guest with an unmatched beauty of the coastlines and the life underwater. Access to this place is regulated by the Kiamba local tourism office. As of writing, walk-ins are not allowed for non-residents. Non-residents are required to book their reservation two days before their actual visit.

Photo from Kiamba Tourism Facebook Page

Tuka Marine Park has four protected coves but only one cove is open to the public. The place features white sand beach and stunning coral gardens which can be viewed even just a few meters away from the coast. The place’s pristine and clear waters make it an ideal spot for snorkeling.

Beach and Underwater Activities

Photo by Von Macaraig
Photo by Kim Tiblani

Snorkeling and diving are the most rewarding activities that you can do here. Imagine yourself witnessing a showcase of the colorful life underwater, from different coral formations to the fishes and marine plants inhabiting the gardens. It is indeed a once-in-a-lifetime experience and this place allows you to experience all these.

If you are up to an ultimate island escape, this place is for you. The cream-colored sand and the inviting waters are perfect for your beach bumming. You can either spend the night getting a good night sleep in one of their rooms for rent or set up your tents and be immersed in the sound of the waves as you slowly drown yourself to sleep.

Photo by Jet Panes
Photo by Dennis Mark Wong
Photo by Francisco Japhet Moralde
Photo by juan sejas
Photo by Dodong Usyot

Tuka Marine Park is also aesthetically beautiful. Here, you will find tall palm trees jeweling the beachfront and a thick vegetation that serves as a backdrop of the entire place. Not just that, it also gives you one of the best sunset views. Ready your cameras because you will surely need them once you set foot here.

Environment loving Kiamba

The care for the environment shown by the people in Kiamba is also worth praising. They are not just about talk when it comes to preserving the gift of nature. There are regular initiatives from volunteers for ‘coral planting.’ What they do is to translate corals from a bed to different spots and anchor them to rocks with the nails and loop locks. Through these efforts, the coral gardens that are already present in the area will become much lovelier and livelier.

Photo by Samuel Rosales

If you have more time, hanging with locals and chatting with them can be a good way to learn the place’s rich history and commendable conservation efforts.

It is advisable that you bring your own food and drinking water when visiting the place. A day of swimming, snorkeling and strolling along the wide stretch of the Tuka shores might get you hungry and thirsty so it’s always better that you have your food with you. Lastly, everyone is advised to bring trash bags to collect your wastes as leaving garbage on the beach is prohibited.

Kiamba is a small quaint town in the southern part of the country. Although it is not as famous as the other tourist destinations in Mindanao, this town holds so much potentials to be a tourist hub in the future given its untamed beauty and resources.

Photo by Francisco Japhet Moralde
Photo by Diomar Corpuz

Apart from the Tuka Marine Park, other interesting places within and near Kiamba include Sipiling Waterfall, Quarry which locals call “Pahanginanto”, Nalus Falls, and Bocay-il Falls. You can also try trekking to Falel which is a community located in the highlands where most of its residence are T’bolis or observe the community do farming and fishing activities.

The beauty of nature is just endless and being able to witness one at Tuka Marine Park feels like heaven. The challenge now is on how we can ensure that these wonders remain colorful, alive, and vibrant in the years to come.



  • Day Use: P65/adult
  • Overnight Use: P90/adult



  • Aircon Room: P5,000 (good for 4-6 persons)
  • Non-aircon Room: P2,500 (good for 4 persons)


  • Aircon Room w/ WC: P2,500 (4 persons)
  • Wall Fan Rooms w/ WC: P2,000



Exact location: Kiamba, Sarangani

BY COMMUTE: The closest airport to Kiamba, Sarangani is in General Santos City and there are daily flights to this city. Once you’re already in GenSan, go to Ablog’s Terminal in North Osmeña Street and ride a van going to Kiamba. Once you’re in Kiamba, take a tricycle to Lourdes Park and look for the local tourism office which will help you get access to Tuka Marine Park.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Kiamba” in Sarangani. You may have to look for available parking space before heading to the place.

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