Would you rather return it, or pay the balance?

This has been the question of the netizens regarding the incident that has made rounds on social media. Others were brought to ire after watching the video.

Why not?

A certain Marjorie Alison posted a live video of her going to the home of her client. This certain client was said to have ordered her ‘lechon package’ amounting to P18,000. The client gave a deposit of P9,000 for the food. The package was delivered on the agreed date, but the client only paid the initial deposit, excluding the remaining balance.

When the live video was posted, netizens were quick to leave comments about their opinion on the incident. Others said the food package was too small for P18,000, while others say the food could have just been returned.

It was consumed. So, what is there to return?

May this serve as a reminder to everyone to never judge a book by its cover. That regardless of one’s social status, may we all learn to respect and uplift our fellows.

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