The lovely vistas of Bukidnon are easy to capture especially with the breathtaking overlooking views of Vista West Cafe.

Nestled atop the verdant peaks of Libona, Bukidnon is the charming viewing deck and mountainside cafe of Vista West Cafe. With the pristine natural views at the top and the refreshing breeze blowing from the mountains, visitors of the lovely cafe will surely immediately fall in love.

Photo by Mackung Gaming
Photo by Irish Antoniette Germano

It is definitely one of the best places to witness the majesty of Bukidnon’s rolling terrains and other natural landforms. Treating your eyes to the pleasant views is definitely calming and therapeutic especially to those looking for a break from the crowded streets of the city.

Vista West Cafe is positioned right at the edge of the cliffs which allows it to have the perfect overlooking views to attract tourists and locals alike. Adorned with various potted ornamental plants and a little bit of paint, the simple cliff is transformed to a lovely cafe with picturesque sceneries of the municipality.

Photo by JSPalarca Photography
Photo by JSPalarca Photography
Photo by JSPalarca Photography

The raging waters of a river and an unnamed falls is clearly visible from the cafe especially at their view deck that hangs a little bit over the cliff. The untouched waterfalls even sometimes serve as a background to quirky poses playing with the waterfall from a distance. They are still on their soft opening but they already have a few decorated spots for picture taking.

Rustic cottages made from native materials are also positioned just beside the cliffs for a private and comfortable space where visitors will enjoy the views. Once they’re done taking snaps of the lovely views from the different angles available at the top, then they can just settle down and take in most of what the views can offer in the comfort of their charming cottages.

The views from the peaks of Bukidnon is surely something worthwhile to fall in love with.

Photo by Irish Antoniette Germano
Photo by Irish Antoniette Germano



  • Entrance fee: P20 per person
  • View Deck: P25 for 5 minutes picture taking



Exact location: Purok 4, Kiliog, Libona, Bukidnon, Mindanao

Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Vista West Cafe” in Kiliog, Bukidnon. Parking space is available upon arrival. It is near the barangay proper of Kiliog. The landmark  of the place is a big signage with “I love Kiliog Home of the Cowboys” text. Stop when you see this sign and take a turn at the access road across it. Vista West Cafe is at the end of the access road. 

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