“I shall return”. Words that not only remind the Filipino people of General MacArthur’s promise but also words that resonate with other people who visit the majestic isles of Leyte.

Leyte is one of the places in the Philippines with a rich history. It is also famous for the many spots that attract tourists from all over the world such as the MacArthur Landing Memorial National Park and new emerging gems in the form of waterfalls, diving spots, and islands.

Waterfalls in Leyte are some of the latest sights in the province gaining popularity among tourists. Because they are hidden deep in the barangays of Leyte, most of the falls require a little effort to find – no pain, no gain.

Ranging between 30 minutes to an hour of trekking and crossing rivers, getting to most waterfalls is not a simple walk in the park. Nothing is more refreshing than a splash in cool and fresh waters after a long hike which is why discovering these waterfalls is much more satisfying.

Here are 7 breathtaking and refreshing waterfalls in Leyte that are worth visiting:

1. Mahayahay Falls

Mahayahay Falls, locally called Karap-agan Falls, is a two-tier waterfall. Each tier has its own majestic waterfall that splits into thin waters as they hit the rock faces. Surrounding the waterfalls are verdant trees and lush vegetation that are reflected in the water which creates a picturesque scene. The second level even has its own paradise with a pool deep enough for swimming and a cave for relaxing under the shade.

Photo by John Chris Bayhonan


Exact Location: Brgy. Mahayahay, Matalom, Leyte

There are planes from Manila to Tacloban but Tacloban is a very long drive to Matalom, Leyte. There are also boats and ferries from Cebu to Hilongos, a town which is just 20 minutes away from Matalom. It is better to have a private vehicle because there are no sign boards pointing to where the falls are and asking the locals for directions is the only option.

2. Busay Falls

Busay Falls is a single trail of water that creates 4 separate waterfalls. Each waterfall is aptly named Busay Uno, Dos, Tres, and Cuatro in order of appearance. Although connected by a single stream, each waterfall is about a few meters away from each other and all display different scenes but are equally beautiful. The last waterfall is the most majestic with waters that slide down a mossy rock path and creates a refreshing pool at the bottom.

Busay Falls is part of a resort called “Busay Falls Resort”.

Photo by Sam’s Photography

Entrance Fees

  • Resort: P100 per person
  • Falls only: P20 per person

Cottage/Lodge Rental

  • Cottage near the entrance: P100
  • Cottage near the falls: P150
  • Lodging: P500/ day


Exact Location: Babatngon, Leyte

3. Tulaan Falls

Tulaan Falls is a vertical stream that slides over a beautiful and glistening black rock into a pool of water below. This waterfall can be reached by trekking through a path in a forest with century-old trees and toppled logs and wild plants. Once a stream is encountered, follow the loud sound of splashing water which indicated that Tulaan Falls is near.

Photo by Butz Eguia


Exact Location: Babatngon, Leyte

Flights are available from Manila to Tacloban. Upon arrival, take a van from the Tacloban Bus Terminal to Babatngon Proper. Ride a habal-habal or a pedicab to Tulaan Beach which is just very close to Tulaan Falls.

4. Gunhuban Falls

Gunhuban Falls is one of the most famous and most-visited in Leyte and can be found in Brgy. Buli, Bato, Leyte. This waterfall is unique compared to other falls in Leyte because its beauty is in its width and not in its height. It is a horizontal waterfall that rests under the shade of luscious forests and thick vegetation which protects tourists and visitors from the heat of the sun. Gunhuban is a two-tiered waterfall with a 30-foot plunge into the pool.

Because the waterfall is deep and is not yet completely developed for tourists and visitors, swimmers should be careful to avoid any accidents.

Photo by Cherwinn Jawel Jungoy

Entrance Fee

  • Adult: P10
  • Children: P5

Overnight Stay

  • Tent Space: P1500

Rental Fees

  • Plastic Chairs and Tables: P100
  • Flotation Devices: P35


Exact Location: Brgy. Buli, Bato, Leyte

Upon arrival at the Tacloban airport, take a van or bus to Maasin, Southern Leyte and inform the driver to drop you off at Bato, Leyte. Then, take a tricycle to the entrance in the main road. From the main road, you can either trek 2 km to the falls or ride a habal-habal.

5. Apale Falls

Apale Falls in Isabel, Leyte is one of the falls that relies on communication with locals to be able to get there. Because of the lack of information on the internet, the exact location of the waterfalls is unknown but a little effort goes a long way because the turquoise pool created by the cascading waterfalls will surely draw anyone in. The pool is basically a basin in a rock filled with water so people can set up tables for picnics. Surrounding it are verdant trees and some bamboo plants that add to the ambience of the place.

Exact Location: Brgy. Apale, Isabel, Leyte

Photo by RC Fuentes

6. Masaba Falls

Masaba Falls is a seven-level waterfall that cascades down large, protruding rocks and forms a pool surrounded by soil and other vegetation. A 30-foot plunge from the rocks is still safe enough and doesn’t reach the bottom of the pool. The abundance of plants and trees around the pool keep it cool and refreshing by providing shade to tourists and visitors who are swimming. If they like, they can make the visit more exciting by rappelling from the top of the waterfall. 

Exact Location: Palompon, Leyte

Photo from Tabukk

7. Sayahan Falls

Sayahan falls is a one-hour trek from the Barangay Hall of Brgy. Gaas, Ormoc Leyte. It is a two-tiered giant waterfall with raging waters and surrounded by large and mossy rock formations. The natural green of the pool combined with the mist created by the falls creates a relaxing atmosphere and the giant rocks give a feeling of complete isolation which would make a great place for meditation. Unfortunately, the falls creates a strong current which doesn’t make it suitable for swimming but visitors can take a dip from a safe distance.

Exact Location: Ormoc, Leyte

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